Day 2841: Is this anything?

“‘Is this anything?’,” writes Jerry Seinfeld in his new book Is This Anything?, “is what every comedian says to every other comedian about any new bit.”

When a man got out of a plain white van yesterday morning and handed me a brown box, I wondered, “Is this anything?” and it was.

All day, I asked myself “Is this anything?” as I took pictures of anything.

Was that anything?

Here‘s Jerry Seinfeld talking about “Is This Anything?” on Good Morning America, which has many things I love, including cats.

If you hesitate to leave a comment by asking yourself, “Is this anything?” know that your comments are everything to me.

Is gratitude anything? The answer is YES!

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21 thoughts on “Day 2841: Is this anything?

  1. My fellow Long Islander Jerry sure has been something, Ann. Now I must find and read that book!

  2. Is this anything? Of course it is, with Jerry Seinfeld and Harley peeking in!

  3. Is this anything? Yes. You really demonstrate who we are with your photos. Always enjoy your perspective Anne. Thank you.

  4. Ghost Hunting? True Tales of the Paranormal? I sure hope that isn’t anything!

  5. I have Seinfeld’s previous book Sein Language and I hope to get his new one too, especially now since it’s the time of year when I think monsters and ghosts really are something. Jerry Seinfeld also wrote a children’s book called Halloween which just shows that there are funny things everywhere.

  6. puella33

    I think it’s something when people throw their masks on the ground.. But, it’s awesome to see the seagulls convocating on the shore. It’s something that you already got your mail-in ballot.

  7. Seeing the “This is a smoke free beach” sign is anything. I can’t imagine why one would go to the fresh air of the beach and smoke! Or maybe it’s something to ponder, as is the mask tossed on the ground. It seems a contradiction to wear a mask as part of good citizenship, care for others, then toss it on the ground in an irresponsible act of littering!

  8. anything has the potential to be something, and something has the potential to be everything.

  9. You can make something out of anything

  10. Anything that brings a smile to one’s face or lightness to one’s heart, including jokes by Jerry Seinfeld, is definitely something!

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