Day 2840: What’s missing

What’s missing, for me, is

  • good leaders,
  • courage from those with proximity to power,
  • trust,
  • kindness,
  • honesty,
  • accountability,
  • expertise,
  • sanity,
  • common sense,
  • respect,
  • owned responsibility,
  • trust,
  • justice,
  • the USA I thought I knew,
  • in-person meetings,
  • comfort,
  • hugs with friends,
  • peace of mind, and
  • Oscar the cat.

What’s missing in my latest photos?

That last photo shows a question I asked my Coping and Healing group yesterday, after making sure I wasn’t missing other important issues. What’s missing for many women are a sense of self esteem and self worth, so some members of the group had trouble answering that question. Other group members helped provide the missing answers.

What’s missing from this post is missing music,

comments, and thanks to all who support me in not missing a day of blogging, including YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 2840: What’s missing

  1. all of it is out there, never went away, just waiting to safely emerge, or be rediscovered

  2. What’s missing is the expertise of Oscar the cat but thankfully he passed it on to wise Harley.

  3. puella33

    A lot of things and people are missing, but what’s present is hope, and the sun even when it’s cloudy. The idea that the world is in a constant flux, constitutes a natural change. So, this “hell” we’re in is temporary. However, in the interim we have to be kind to ourselves and to one another t ( as we should all the time) this disaster.. I think it’s ok to cry or be sad, it’s also ok to have compassion . Have a nice day, Ann

  4. All present and correct here! I’ve switched off for the day.

  5. I feel like there’s a lot I’m missing but I try to focus on what I have. Otherwise I could make myself miserable.

  6. May some of what’s missing be found in November

  7. I think that heart greeting card is very perfect for your photo collection, Ann.

  8. Feeling a lot of despair about the state of our nation at present, Ann, and desperate to rediscover the country I love so much. Hoping that we can get back on the path in November. Thank you for the reminders that hope remains….

  9. puella33

    I was rrwriting my comment and I noticed that the whole sentence doesn’t come out on word press- no wonder, it seems as though I don’t make any sense. So, I excuse myself

  10. Add one more to the list. On top of the interminable Pandemic, my daughter’s dog Penny passed unexpectedly Saturday. Everything’s harder now.

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