Day 2839: The expert on crazy

When my non-crazy patients worry out loud about being or seeming crazy, I often say, “You’re not crazy, and I’m the expert on crazy.”

The expert on crazy thinks the President of the United States is crazy.

The expert on crazy thinks this is driving many people crazy, including me.

The crazy expert on crazy, in attempts to remain sane, captured these images yesterday.

The expert husband of the expert on crazy made a crazy good risotto yesterday. I would have been crazy not to marry him last December, before things got really crazy.

Here’s the expert on “Crazy” — Patsy Cline.

The expert on crazy is crazy about your comments, so please leave one below.

The expert on crazy is grateful to be alive, even during crazy times, and she is very grateful for you.

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22 thoughts on “Day 2839: The expert on crazy

  1. May we have a crazy sensible Friday, Ann.

  2. Crazy times. Crazy peeps. Thank you for your sane post Ann 💕

  3. There’s good crazy and bad crazy and we could use a lot more of the good crazy these days.

  4. puella33

    I don’t know if I’m crazy , but I’ve noticed people have become nasty,especially at the market. I have some good news, Ann- I hired a handyman to mount the elliptical bike, and I’m enjoying it!

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  6. Sir Harley your royal majesty from the Bostonian Harbor Association and endorsed by Prince Harry is an expert on crazy behavior of the naughty kitty sorts playfully speaking.

  7. I’ve been reading that Escher book for 15 years now. It’s crazy, I can’t find the end!

  8. one person’s crazy, is another’s typical day. i love patsy’s song, always have. and i love risotto.

  9. The President is the expect of democrazy! LOL! ミ●﹏☉ミ

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  11. Willie Nelso has a crazy story of going to visit Patsy Cline in the middle of the night because his friends, who knew her, thought he should give her that song. It IS a crazy time. I just hope it’s saner after the election.

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