Day 2838: Just keep walking

Yesterday, I

  • facilitated a Coping and Healing group remotely from my home,
  • went to Tufts Medical Center to get my first echocardiogram since contracting COVID-19 in March,
  • heard from my wonderful cardiologist Dr. Deeb Salem via email that there was no change in my heart,
  • celebrated the great news by buying cream puffs from my favorite bakery,
  • drove by a demonstration of Black Lives Matter people and Blue Lives Matter people,
  • told my husband and son my good news,
  • walked back toward the demonstration,
  • visited the beautiful collection of painted rocks on the beach,
  • Sharpied more Trump stickers,
  • stood with the Black Lives Matter people as many more Blue Lives Matter people swirled around us with flags and loud noisemakers,
  • asked one of the Black Lives Matter people whether the Blue Lives Matter people were supporting Democrats (whose national color is blue),
  • explained to that person that I was kidding,
  • was told by another Black Lives Matter person that I was awesome and my hair looked great,
  • started walking back home,
  • told a guy who passed me and started talking nonsense about the Black Lives Matter people, “I don’t agree with you so just keep walking,”
  • got caught in a wild and windy rainstorm,
  • just kept walking home for another 30 minutes,
  • changed out of my wet clothes,
  • had some cream puffs,
  • ate a delicious swordfish dish made by my husband Michael,
  • watched the Vice President debate with my husband and son,
  • commented on a fly’s affinity for Mike Pence,
  • ate more cream puffs,
  • declared Kamala Harris the winner,
  • dealt with our internet and cable going out during the debate analysis,
  • put aside worry about it being restored in time for my groups today,
  • went to sleep, and
  • woke up in time to blog before my dental cleaning this morning at 8 AM.

Let’s just keep walking through my most recent photos.

I just keep walking through my Daily Bitch Calendar until November.

I just walked over to YouTube to find “Kamala” by Randy Rainbow:

Just keep commenting, below.

Thanks to all who help me keep walking and blogging every day, including YOU!

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32 thoughts on “Day 2838: Just keep walking

  1. Dessert is definitely a good idea.

  2. I only watched about 35 minutes of the debate, as I was pissed listening to Pence’s one lie after another. He was acting just like Trump, only not as bad, but still acting like a child out of line. Enough said.
    Have a great day.

  3. You most certainly walk the walk and talk the talk, Ann.

  4. Just keep walking and hear sir Harley whom received the OEB from the Royal Bostonian Feline Association in accordance with Prince William.

  5. I have not heard of Blue Lives Matter.
    I have heard that the Democrats have a great candidate for VP.
    Eating cream puffs is a form of self-care.

  6. barbaralipps8

    Ann, You are my hero. I love your examples yesterday of being an anti-racist.

    Also, so happy to hear your great news about your heart!

    On Thu, Oct 8, 2020 at 6:35 AM The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally wrote:

    > Ann Koplow posted: ” Yesterday, I facilitated a Coping and Healing group > remotely from my home,went to Tufts Medical Center to get my first > echocardiogram since contracting COVID-19 in March,heard from my wonderful > cardiologist Dr. Deeb Salem via email that there was no c” >

  7. Quite the day! Definitely worth several cream puffs Ann 💕

  8. puella33

    You had a constructive busy day, Ann. I’m nervous about next weeks debate. I don’t want Biden to get the Virus, so it’s no longer just worrying about the negative things Trump will say.

  9. In his book Cancer On $5 A Day Robert Schimmel shared that when he was at his lowest point in his cancer treatment his father told him about what it had taken for him, a Hungarian Jew, to survive in a concentration camp. He said, “If you want to live, just keep moving.”
    I know that’s a rather grim story but I keep Otto Schimmel’s wisdom in mind. If we want to live we have to keep going.

  10. That is one action-packed day, Ann. Keep walking the walk. With you 100%! ✊🏻

  11. so, not much happened today? p.s. I am struck the irony of you be armed with your sharpie, erasing away all signs of trump, and trump with his sharpie signing fake or cruel executive orders. like being at the o.k. corral. may the best sharpie win!

  12. p,s. so happy your heart is happy!

  13. Pingback: Day 2875: Just keep walking – Umair Yaseen

  14. Let’s just keep walking the walk! (*♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡*)゚

  15. Kit Hayes

    I would like you to please delete me from your list of subscibers.
    Thank you.
    Kit Hayes

    • Will do.

    • I was not able to find you in my list of subscribers and asked WordPress support for help in doing this. They can’t find you as subscriber for me, either. If you are following me through another reader, YOU need to remove yourself. Sorry that I can’t do more.

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