Day 2837: Stranger Danger

Have you ever experienced a stranger time with so much danger? Above all, there is danger because of the stranger in the White House.

Do you see stranger danger in today’s images?

I am having an echocardiogram today at 3 to discover whether COVID-19 has damaged my heart, which is stranger than yours. Everyone will be wearing masks during this procedure, so that strangers won’t cause danger to each other. Even though masks might make us look and feel stranger, it’s the strangest behavior in the world not to wear one to reduce danger to oneself and others.

The stranger in the White House is endangering countless lives of strangers with his stranger and stranger behavior. If you are voting for him, nothing is stranger to me.

Truth is stranger than fiction, and “Stranger in Town” from Pat Metheny’s Orchestrion showed up in my headphones yesterday when I was taking my “Stranger Danger” photos.

What are your thoughts and feelings about this Stranger Danger post?

Thanks to all the friends and strangers who help me create this daily blog, which reduces my danger during these stranger and stranger times.

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22 thoughts on “Day 2837: Stranger Danger

  1. Truth is stranger than fiction – ain’t that the truth!

  2. May your heart exam turn out well today, Ann, and our times become less strange soon.

  3. puella33

    I ‘ll be thinking of you, Ann

  4. I’m thinking there’s something really strange about what appears to be a pair of pink underwear hanging from a tree. I’m not sure if that’s a sign of danger, though.

  5. I always am hesitant of strangers, and nothing is stranger than what’s in the White House.

  6. Debbie T

    I hope the echocardiogram showed no lasting damage.

  7. we’re all thinking of you and your heart today, and while we might be strange, many are even stranger )

  8. Hope your echo brought back good news, Ann, and yes, things are undeniably strange these days. Thank you for the touchstone of your blog…a sanctuary in a world gone mad.

  9. I’m thinking photography releases the anxiety in stranger danger images

  10. Stranger danger is freaking me! (´・(´・(´・(´・(´・(´・д・`) ・`)・`)・`)・`)・`)

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