Day 2834: Healing ?

Here and now, there are many questions out there about whether people are healing or getting worse.

Yesterday, while I was taking a healing walk outside, I noticed this:

In today’s photo gallery, do you see healing ?

What is the most healing image, for you? What’s the most painful one?

Lately, I’ve been healing from painful experiences by doing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. That reminds me of my original song “Triggers,” which I hope will be healing to share.

That’s from my hopefully healing Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, August 2019.

Any comment you leave below will be healing for me. And as I like to say, “All healing is mutual.”

Gratitude is always healing, so thanks to all who are healing and helping others heal, including YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 2834: Healing ?

  1. The very same vintage typewriter thank you card is tucked around a painting of the same machine in my living room. I’ll take the peaceful water.Skip the hydrant and red sign, doesn’t help me find the path to healing. Your playing is nice. I think things are getting worse even with a mind on gratitude for all I have.

  2. Thank you for helping us heal, Ann.

  3. I see many signs of healing in your pics. all signs of life renewing and going on, in spite of everything, halloween is still coming, flowers are blooming, the tide comes in and out, gnomes still live in gardens, and people and cats learn to live without one who they loved and continue to love, and that to me is very hopeful .

  4. Healing is an ongoing process and I’m really glad you’re here helping to trigger healing.

  5. We need all the healing we can get. Thank you for your part in the process!

  6. puella33

    I see healing in all your nature pictures. Thank you for letting us heal with you.

  7. I hope all those late summer flowers and Harley help with healing.

  8. Lots of healing in those pictures, especially the cheery sunglasses, yellow balloon and your lovely song!

  9. Every time I read your post, I’m healing, my dear friend! (✿ ♥‿♥)

  10. Most painful would be the gnomes. Most healing? I haven’t tried catnip yet.

  11. I know this is a cliché — but your BLOG is healing for me!

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