Day 2832: Trump


  • is President of the USA,
  • often comes up in my Coping and Healing groups,
  • frightens people,
  • divides people,
  • has said confusing, minimizing, and irresponsible things about the coronavirus,
  • has the coronavirus, and
  • appears on many little stickers near Wollaston Beach.

This Trump 2020 sticker …

… said “MAKE LIBERALS CRY AGAIN.” Now it says…

LIBERALS 2020 (more or less).

Let’s see if Trump appears in my photos from yesterday.

No matter what day it is, Trump is ALWAYS on my mind, even when he doesn’t appear in my photos. I hope enough people say

NO to him on November 3.

Also, Michael has said for years that Harley …

… is a Trump supporter. If so, I think the debate earlier this week changed his mind.

Here‘s “WE’RE ALL DOOMED” – Trump vs. Biden ft. “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Thanks to Weird Al, Sharpies, Michael, Harley, and everybody else who helps me create this daily blog, including YOU!

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26 thoughts on “Day 2832: Trump

  1. Amen! Love your blog, always have! All the love ❤

  2. Unmentionable

  3. if Michael is a trump supporter, he better be careful the next time you take him to the vet, cheers

    • Personally, I think neither Michael nor Harley are Trump supporters. I don’t see any Trump supporters in this house. Cheers back at you!

      • maybe you should write a little text, on the example American children are being exposed to by trump, and how this sinks into their minds later, be blessed, if you ever need a prayer, just write, amen

  4. Loving the Weird Al thing. Over here in Blighty both are portrayed in very bad light, good luck! x

  5. Something I think about with microaggressions is how they add up. All those stickers feel like microaggressions. Fortunately there are other things to look at, like Weird Al, that provide some relief.

  6. puella33

    I’m just questioning if Trump is genuinely ignorant…. I feel sorry for him and wish him well. At the same time, I’m aggravated- you had the virus, my sister had the virus and nobody cared… Trump the, spirit of contradiction has it, and now it’s not a hoax.. There’s a lot of unfairness in this world….

  7. no one in your house looks like a trump supporter to me, but it does look like Harley is moonlighting as a bouncer/doorman.

  8. Good stuff on microaggression. As an African-American I think I’d add exhaustion after isolation. Thanks for keeping important topics uppermost.

  9. Harley is a moderator who will play the trump of doom.

  10. There’s a joke on Whatsapp that says, “To the rest of the world, TGIF means Thank God It’s Friday. But in America, TGIF means Trump Got It Finally. LOL! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

  11. Good job to whomever did all the crossing out!

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