Day 2830: Debatable

It’s debatable whether you can debate someone who

  • doesn’t follow previously agreed upon rules,
  • interrupts incessantly,
  • has no scruples,
  • lies constantly,
  • attacks,
  • is a malignant narcissist,
  • enjoys hurting people, and
  • will do anything to win.

It’s debatable whether I and the USA could possible survive another four years of the guy who “debated” Joe Biden last night.

It’s debatable whether there’s anything debatable about the images I captured yesterday.

Michael’s meals are never debatable.

It’s debatable

  • how many animals are in those photos and
  • whether anybody will find the octopus.

If you vote for the person who debated Joe Biden last night, it’s debatable whether you’ve been paying attention to what he’s actually been saying and doing to this country.

It’s debatable how you might fill in the blank:

Jill or the beanstalk?

It’s debatable whether it’s a smooth segue from that to Jack from Sondheim’s Into the Woods singing this

… to Sondheim’s There Won’t Be Trumpets:

In case those lyrics are debatable, here they are:

Those smug little men with their smug little schemes
They forgot one thing:
The play isn’t over by a long shot yet!
There are heroes in the world,
Princes and heroes in the world,
And one of them will save us.
Wait and see!
Wait and see!

There won’t be trumpets or bolts of fire
To say he’s coming.
No Roman candles, no angels’ choir,
No sound of distant drumming.
He may not be the cavalier,
Tall and graceful, fair and strong.
Doesn’t matter, just as long as he comes along!

But not with trumpets or lightning flashing
Or shining armor.
He may be daring, he may be dashing,
Or maybe he’s a farmer.
We can wait, what’s another day?
He has lots of hills to climb.
And a hero
Doesn’t come till the nick of time!

Don’t look for trumpets or whistles tooting
To guarantee him!
There won’t be trumpets, but sure as shooting
You’ll know him when you see him!
Don’t know when, don’t know where,
And I can’t even say that I care!
All I know is, the minute you turn
And he’s suddenly there,
There won’t be trumpets!
There are no trumpets!
Who needs trumpets?

It’s debatable whether I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep until enough of those smug little men with their smug little schemes are defeated. There won’t be trumpets but there’ll be celebrating in many houses, including this one, when that finally happens.

If you want to debate anything in this debatable post, please leave a comment below.

My gratitude is not debatable, so thanks to everyone, including YOU.

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21 thoughts on “Day 2830: Debatable

  1. I am afraid to say that the whole process debases your country

  2. It’s debatable whether they should put these two men on stage together again, Ann. I was in anguish watching the bullying behavior and lies.

  3. Debate aside, I went back to find the octopus. She’s very well camouflaged.

  4. There’s no debate that I never thought I’d see a time when the people of Austria seriously have to tell the president of the United States that they don’t live in exploding trees.
    There’s also no debate that even during these difficult time I find comfort in the wit and wisdom of both Sondheim and you, Ann, as well as your keen eye for wonderful details.

  5. puella33

    I never thought it was debatable that the debate would be such a disaster.Did I really expect it to be respectful and dignified- of course not. None the less, I could feel my blood pressure rising.It was an embarrassment for all of us..The moderator should have controlled it better.

  6. My cat, Andy, settled down with me in front of the television. He lasted halfway through the first exchange before he got up and left the room, not returning until the “debate” was over. I should have done the same. I was ready to turn the channel about the same time Andy left the room, but felt I needed to give the process a chance. Since I got my mail-in ballot that same day, I had filled it in and prepared it to mail to the county clerk before the “debate” started. The “debate” had no impact on my choice, though it did validate the choice I made. Your list at the top pretty much says it all! I’ll never have those 97 minutes back. I will cut my losses and not watch the next two “debates”

  7. It’s debatable whether Harley would approve this conduct.

  8. I hardly know what to say. Sometimes I just feel like crouching with my arms over my head. That doesn’t seem to help much with anything, though. Could we all be getting a collective ulcer? Maybe.

  9. nothing debatable here, but i did notice that harley is trying to coordinate his colors to match the sheets, he’s so fashion forward.

    debatable – tab + c = debacle = last night’s event

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