Day 2829: Fault

Whose fault is it that I can’t abide bullies who refuse to recognize when they are at fault?

Do you see fault in any of my photos from yesterday?

Whose fault is it that I am blogging rather than sleeping at 3 AM? Is it because some idiot is debating a challenger for the USA presidency later today?

Here‘s Manny Walters with “My Own Fault” for the Sofar Sounds Artist Fund.

Whose fault is it that I am so grateful, here and now ?

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18 thoughts on “Day 2829: Fault

  1. If by fault you mean a baked potato without butter, malfunctioning lights on a “stay _ apart” sign or UMP for president -possibly, but is that fault or reality?

  2. it’s hard to find fault with this, only a few missteps perhaps. harley is now guarding your purse. i think he has found his calling as a sentinel/model. nothing wrong with balancing dual careers. p.s. i really love your f-bomb!

  3. That’s a bad fault blogging at 3.00am…. Norty !!

  4. Your blog is faultless in my eyes, Ann.

  5. puella33

    I can’t read too well that sign- who’s wanted dead or alive? This debate is going to be very aggravating because Trump is going to lie – but what is more aggravating is that people believe him. Trump isn’t worth you losing sleep, Ann. Have a nice day

    • The debate was incredibly aggravating and Trump was at fault.

      • puella33

        He was at fault and so wasn’t the moderator, Chis Wallace. Every time Biden could talk, which was seldom, he wasn’t granted his lost time. The whole thing was a disaster. But it did show Trump’s true colors, which were not in his favor/

  6. For the first time I realize the “F” on the F-bomb stands for “fault”. And for that I am guilty.

  7. Is it my fault that I idly wonder whether you carry a marker with you at all times?

    I hope that the debate goes well.

    • I carry a marker whenever I go out these days. I wish it was as easy to obliterate the man as it is to obliterate his stickers.

  8. At least Harley would not to be at fault, but a handy wiseman.

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