Day 2822: Great things

If you’re like me, you’ve been having trouble finding great things in the news lately.

Together, let’s look for great things in my photos from yesterday.

Did you find great things?  What great things did you find?

Did you notice great things here?

Sometimes we have to look close and hard for great things in order to find them. Sometimes those great things seem broken, but we need to keep looking, feeling, thinking, and acting.

The late great Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said many great things, including these:

“When a thoughtless or unkind word is spoken, best tune out. Reacting in anger or annoyance will not advance one’s ability to persuade.”
— From Ginsburg’s 2016 book “My Own Words”

“I went to law school when women were less than 3% of lawyers in the country; today, they are 50%. I never had a woman teacher in college or in law school. The changes have been enormous. And they’ve gone much too far (to be) going back.”
— From a 2019 NPR interview

“I pray that I may be all that (my mother) would have been had she lived in an age when women could aspire and achieve and daughters are cherished as much as sons.”
— From her 1993 Supreme Court acceptance speech, about her mother

“I see my advocacy as part of an effort to make the equality principle everything the founders would have wanted it to be if they weren’t held back by the society in which they lived and particularly the shame of slavery. I don’t think my efforts would have succeeded had it not been for the women’s movement that was reviving in the United States and more or less all over the world at the time.”
— From a 2013 WNYC interview

“Women will have achieved true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.”
— From a 2001 interview with the New York City Bar Association

“One thing that I did feel in law school was that if I flubbed, that I would be bringing down my entire sex. That you weren’t just failing for yourself, but people would say, ‘Well, I did expect it of a woman.’ … I was determined not to leave that impression.”
— From a 2020 Slate interview

“Dissents speak to a future age. It’s not simply to say my colleagues are wrong and I would do it this way, but the greatest dissents do become court opinions.”
— From a 2002 NPR interview, on her Supreme Court dissents

“The number of women who have come forward as a result of the #MeToo movement has been astonishing. My hope is not just that it is here to stay, but that it is as effective for the woman who works as a maid in a hotel as it is for Hollywood stars.”
— From a 2018 interview at the National Constitution Center, on the impact of the #MeToo movement

“If there was one decision I would overrule, it would be Citizens United. I think the notion that we have all the democracy that money can buy strays so far from what our democracy is supposed to be.”
— From a 2014 New Republic interview, on Citizens United v. FEC, which ruled that corporations could fund political speech under the First Amendment

“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”
— From a 2015 luncheon at Harvard

Who wants to join me in the fight for the things I care about, like the great legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Here‘s a great 2017 interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

Here‘s a great appearance by RBG on the Stephen Colbert show:

Here‘s Stephen Colbert last night about the great loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

I look forward to great things in the comments section, below.

As always, I have great gratitude for all the great things in my life, including YOU.

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27 thoughts on “Day 2822: Great things

  1. Unspeakable loss of a remarkable woman. I’m trying to not feel scared for our future. The rocks are great. I had a 24 hour visit from family. That felt great. News? Can’t bear it.

  2. you are a rock of sense, and in these times, as you point out, remind all who will listen, that their anger is being used by others, in order to make things worse for themselves, the sooner they halt their anger, the faster their world will improve, Gods Spirit can’t flourish in angry and anxious hearts, keep up with the encouragement, you are a great teacher, amen.

  3. Oh, I did so love RBG’s Colbert appearance! What a bright light . . .

  4. So many of us are sad at the passing of RGB and fearful of what will happen with the Supreme Court. I Lol’d at your use of the sharpie and the Trump sign. Coming back from the vet this morning, I passed far too many of them that could have used the same treatment.

    It has been difficult to find the bright spots and positive events this year, but I try to stay grateful for what I have, for the good things life has brought me.

  5. puella33

    I’m looking at the 16th picture, with the animal footprints in the sand- I’m thinking how amazing it is to leave an imprint in the sand, just imagine how easy it is to make one in someones life; it’s important to leave a nice one.

  6. What a great lady RGB was. Let us hope that her legacy lives on and grows and grows.

  7. I dissent, too, quite often. But when it comes to Harley, I concur.

  8. Stay tune for great things regarding Harley.

  9. It’s hard for me to find even good things right now, but I see so much great here–including the realization that Ruth Bader Ginsburg came out of a dark time in history. She was a beacon of light, and she still shines for us.

  10. so many great things here, ann. the rocks with the beautiful messages, harley’s glamour pose, and the nature all around you. and the home cooked dinner. and ….

  11. Your blog makes me feel great again, Ann.

  12. I always see great things here, my friend! (*´o`*)ʖˋʖˋʖˋ~♡

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