Day 2852: The Sixties

Yesterday, the temperature here was in the sixties (Fahrenheit), although it did get into the seventies in the heat of the day.

During the day, I uploaded to YouTube the song I wrote and performed for my 50th high school reunion on Zoom: “We Grew Up in the Sixties and We’re in Our Sixties Now.”

Now that I’m in my sixties, I’m seeing lots of articles (like this one) about how the current times — with civil and political anger, unrest, and change — are reminding people of the sixties. If you remember the sixties, what do you think about that?

Here are some photos I took yesterday, when the temperature and I were both in our sixties:

I’m hoping that my fulfilling work as a therapist, accepting all feelings (including anger), nature walks, cats, the results of the November election, and eating delicious nutritious meals (like Michael’s halibut dish) will get me through my sixties.

Hey! Maybe the number of likes on this post will be in the sixties!

To thank you for reading this “Sixties” post, here are sixty images of gratitude:

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24 thoughts on “Day 2852: The Sixties

  1. What wonderful sun!

  2. Thank you for sharing your song, Ann. I was so young back in the 60s, but thinking back, I felt optimism about a new generation taking the steering wheel. Today, I feel a pressing need for all generations to drive more wisely together.

  3. For me the ’60s was a decade of adulthood, marriage, fatherhood, widowhood, single parentage, and marriage. I experienced enough changes of my own. I had neither time nor inclination for civil and political anger or unrest.

  4. I love your song, Ann! What a gift to your classmates. I bet they were entranced.

  5. Thanks for that folk song. I agree we’re still symbolically in the Sixties, although it’s may be difficult to admit. I think Harley would agree he would be a good nominee for the poster flower pet of the Sixties AND Twenties.

  6. I loved the song Ann. I joined the army in 1964 so have many vivid memories of that decade!

  7. Right on! Groovy! I was grounded for Woodstock but you would have rocked it. Thank you for adjusting my shifty attitude! Fingers crossed for better times ahead.

  8. puella33

    I like your youtube song, Ann.

  9. I loved the song, and thanks for sharing it, I’m sure it was a hit with your reunion crowd. I kind of loved the 60s, but wish I had been just a bit older then, would have hitchhiked to Woodstock for sure. maybe a good thing I wasn’t, looking back….). now I’m in my own ’60s and I’ll have to create my own little Woodstock )

  10. In my senior year of high school someone told me the last words of Abbie Hoffman were, “The Nineties are going to make the Sixties look like the Fifties.” It didn’t exactly turn out that way, but I appreciate you showing that the Sixties still rock.

  11. Beautiful song and you sang it beautifully. I love the songs in the sixties though I don’t grow up in the sixties. (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

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