Day 2814: The Heat of the Day

Yesterday, when I was walking around in the heat of the day, I heard “The Heat of the Day” by the Pat Metheny Group.

The music of the Pat Metheny Group has helped me get through a lot of heat of many days, but I can never remember there being so much heat to get through before. Here and now, there’s the heat of

  • uncontrolled wild fires,
  • climate change,
  • the pandemic,
  • elections,
  • unrest,
  • injustice,
  • distrust,
  • lies,
  • ignorance,
  • personal attacks, and
  • panic about the future.

In all that heat of many days, it feels like we’re heading to the end of the world.

In the heat of my writing this post, the ironically soothing “To the End of the World” is playing, which is helping me deal with the heat of a new day.

Can you see the heat of the day in these images?

I do believe we’re stronger together, but the heat of these days seems to be driving us apart.

In the heat of this day, I will be providing crisis services remotely and training a new social work intern to withstand the heat of the day at the hospital.

In the heat of the moment, I shall chill by looking for your comments on this “Heat of the Day” post.

In the heat of your day, please remember my gratitude for all, including YOU.

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29 thoughts on “Day 2814: The Heat of the Day

  1. May you keep a cool head today, Ann.

  2. Great pics! One made me smile unexpectedly.
    We have smoke here these days and that blocks the sun, so no heat. We have been second worst in the world, after Portland, and have been staying in the house with windows closed. But it seems to be somewhat better today and we hope for rain.

    • Was it the picture of the cat in the desert that made you smile, Maureen? So sorry to hear how the heat of those wildfires are affecting you. ❤

      • It wasn’t the photo of the cat that made me smile, but it’s true that I have never pictured a cat in a desert.

        No matter how hectic or stressful my day is, I always like to start it with you.

      • Thanks for improving so many of my days,Maureen. Now I’m wondering what photo made you smile!

  3. I have a nephew living in San Jose, Cal. right now and I worry for him every time I see those horrendous photos of the the wild fires. Your photos today gave me some hope for the future. Fingers crossed for the outcome of the next election.

  4. In the heat of the day, down here in Geelong, during these days of extended Lockdown, my days seem to be only half full, and by the end of the day, my day seems to be only half empty, and in the end. I’ve only accomplished as half as much as I did, the other half of yesterday. 🌗

  5. May your heat lessen soon

  6. Heat yes and even drought on earth and the hearts
    Fortunately you have the ressource of your photo graphic art to lift the anxiety.

  7. It seems you may have transmitted some of your heat of the day over here. We are having a couple of days of very unseasonable temperatures. Let’s hope that the terrible fires are soon extinguished and that everyone manages to keep their cool to help sort out the climate.

  8. The heat of the day was soothed by those beautiful rocks. I’ll carry the kindness one with me today. Thanks!

  9. puella33

    All your posts sooth the heat of the day with the exception of the political post on people lawns.

  10. As much as I hate to quibble with Noël Coward who said only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun, I’m neither and enjoy getting out in the middle of the day to stretch my legs. Sometimes the heat of the day is just what we need.

  11. what about getting hot from dancing? no harm in that. i loved the political signs that i thought were cool, a scientist running for the senate, and the sheriff had a sign with asian (mandarin?) writing. these tell me something besides the just the words.

  12. That great white egret managed well during The Heat of the Day

  13. This is me in the heat of the day 、ヽ`(~д~*)、ヽ` Lol! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

  14. Pingback: Day 2852: The Sixties | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

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