Day 2813: Plan ahead

I don’t plan ahead very much for these blog posts. Instead, I often let my recent photos plan ahead for me.

I like to plan ahead for what might go wrong with something that’s important to me. For example, I planned ahead for last night’s high school Zoom reunion by preparing for the unlikely eventuality that I — as sole host for the event — might suddenly lose the internet or electrical power, which would have ended the reunion for everybody, despite all our planning ahead.

When other people are spending too much time planning ahead for unlikely problems, I invite them to let go of the worry by assigning a percentage to the possibility of it happening. People on the reunion planning committee tried to point out to me that my losing power was sooooo unlikely that I should forget about it. Instead, I spent hours planning ahead how to make somebody else from the reunion committee a cohost, so the Zoom reunion could continue without me if need be.

The Zoom reunion went great, without any major unplanned glitches except this one: despite (or perhaps because of) all my planning ahead, I was too distracted to remember to start taping the reunion until after I sang my introductory song “We Grew Up in the Sixties and We’re in our Sixties Now” which I started planning ahead to perform months ago. Well, as they say, “Man plans. God laughs.”

As I plan ahead for the rest of my life, I plan to spend less time planning ahead for unlikely negative possibilities and more time enjoying the current moment. In other words, I plan to follow my own advice to others about planning ahead.

I rarely plan ahead when I capture the moment in images like these:

I planned ahead for that white board to show up in my Zoom frame last night, and it did.

Last night, we planned ahead for an in-person repeat of our 50th reunion when it’s safe to do so, which reminds me of this:

Without planning ahead, I found “Plan Ahead” by Allan Sherman:

I plan ahead to read all planned and unplanned comments on this post.

If you were planning ahead to see some gratitude from me for everyone who helped me create this post, here it is!

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20 thoughts on “Day 2813: Plan ahead

  1. Glad to hear that the reunion went great, despite a little hiccup in the recording. You should had reprised at the end!

  2. puella33

    I’m not familiar with zoom, but I’m glad to know everything went well. Have a nice Sunday, Ann

  3. It seems Harley planned ahead and gave you a paw hand 🐾. Give him the ballot too.

  4. When I had my consulting practice I called it, “Critical Intent” because, in military lingo (and I grew up in a military household) plans fall apart when you meet the enemy.

    Covid is kind of ‘the enemy’ and everything I had planned for this year fell apart and had to be re-intended!

    Hugs dear Ann!

  5. In my writing group there are two basic types of people: plotters, who carefully outline stories before they start writing, and “pantsers” who plot as they go along. Most of the time it’s impossible to tell whether a story was plotted or written by someone flying by the seat of their pants, which is a good example of how it’s the doing that matters.

  6. Glad you had enough power for the whole meeting. Can you re-record your song and post it on YouTube? If not, it may be special for the attendees to have experienced something g that only happened once.

    Harley is looking content.

  7. i’m glad that your plan ahead worked and the reunion went well. maybe record a copy of you singing the song, and send it to the group to enjoy as they wish? i wrote my post tomorrow, about planning ahead to get your vote in, and i planned ahead to write it, knowing there will only be 50 days to get our votes in. i’m planning ahead to make sure mine is in. i notice that harley is not a fan of the plan ahead approach to life, and seems to prefer improv.

  8. Glad your reunion went off without a hitch, Ann. I’m sure your classmates were most appreciative of all your planning. My husband’s favorite saying is “Fail to plan? Plan to fail.” He’s an engineer, can ya tell? 😉

  9. Here’s to things falling into place, Ann!

  10. Sometimes I fail to plan ahead and this is what happens…reading your post 2 days late!(▰˘︹˘▰)

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