Day 2811: If you love someone …

  • invite them to connect with you.
  • tell them you love them, because you don’t know how much time you have left with them.
  • take pictures for them.

I took that last picture for people I graduated high school with in 1970, whom I love. I’m looking forward to seeing them at our Zoom reunion tomorrow evening.

If you love someone, what do you do?

I tell them how grateful I am that they (including YOU!) are still on this earth.

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22 thoughts on “Day 2811: If you love someone …

  1. Happy H.S. Reunion to you, Ann! May the connections still run deep.

  2. If you love somebody, you are:
    very lucky
    fulfilling your destiny
    sharing each other’s magic.

  3. If you love someone, love them as they are! ♡。゚.(*♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡*)゚♡ °・

  4. I hope you have a luminous reunion, Ann. (Luminous and Zoominous.)

  5. puella33

    It’s beautiful to love and be loved. It’s a reciprocation of shared emotions and of course acceptance. It’s such a nice feeling knowing someone is willing to go the extra mile for you, and you do the same. Of course, Love is hard to find- that\s one of the reasons it is so precious.

  6. When I love someone I shouldn’t find it difficult to tell them, but I’d really rather talk nuts.

  7. have a fantabulous time at the reunion, spreading your joy and love. p.s. sting (and the police) have always been favorites of mine. thanks fo the song.! p.s.s. i’m so happy to see harley all up in there –

  8. Have a terrific time at your reunion, Ann. I am sure it will fill your heart with love to reconnect with old friends from childhood. Good to remember from whence we have come.

  9. Lovely 💕💝

  10. If you love someone become a cat.

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