Day 2810: Watch

People who watch this blog may have noticed this watch in yesterday’s post:

That is a Fossil shrapnel-guard watch which reminds me of one of the first watches I ever bought. It mimics World War I watches used when people had to watch out for shrapnel while still needing to watch their watches.

Watch what my mind does when I think about watches with shrapnel guards — “So shrapnel guards helped protect the watches but what about the hand wearing the watch?”

Watch where my mind goes next: “When danger is all around, I guess some protection is better than none.”

Now it’s time to watch what I’ve watched recently through my iPhone:

If you watch this blog carefully, you may know that I use a magic wastepaper basket in my “Coping and Healing” groups. Yesterday, I watched while people in a telehealth group threw worry into my magic wastepaper basket (along with markers that no longer work).

Based on what I’ve watched over the years, worry never helps. If you are worrying, watch it! And watch out for worry about worry, which doesn’t help either.

What are you watching these days? Michael and I are still watching Match Game reruns. I like watching those because it’s a group of funny and spontaneous people who obviously like each other, having a good time. Also host Gene Rayburn reminds me a little of my late father (and if you watch this blog, you know it was my dad’s birthday yesterday).

Here‘s the Match Game episode Michael and I watched last night:

Because I watched some information about that “Trench Hand” episode, I know that viewers joined in the fun by sending in donations, which the show gave to a worthy cause.

I also watch that 1970s U.S. game show with new eyes, based on all that I’ve watched since then.

I’ll be watching for comments from you about this “Watch” post. Watch this space for gratitude, every day!

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12 thoughts on “Day 2810: Watch

  1. Luis Del Castillo

    I’m always on the watch for your next blog!

  2. puella33

    Interesting bit of history, Ann Is that watch a family heirloom?

    • It is not. I’ve been on the watch for a watch like that for many years, and I recently found it on eBay. Thanks for watching this blog !

  3. I watch and I can’t get over how well that iPhone photo app works. Watch for those sunflowers which have given you great shots IMOHO.

  4. Gene Rayburn reminds me of an uncle I really liked, and Charles Nelson Reilly always seems like an uncle I wish I’d had. I’m always glad to watch both of them, and to watch the water. Sometimes watching wonderful things I lose all track of time.

  5. Debbie T

    I’ve been trying out the Picture This app after seeing your photos. I was very surprised to find that it identified a large patch of poison ivy way in the back of our yard. None of us had any idea it was there.

  6. I love that watch, something about it, and too bad they didn’t watch out for how the whole body could have been protected during the war. I am ever watchful for things in the world, large and small, that are interesting, kind, artistic or beautiful in some way

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