Day 2808: It’s a beautiful day

It’s a beautiful day to

  • blog,
  • return to my work as a group and individual psychotherapist after a long staycation,
  • let go of worry about the future,
  • let go of regret about the past,
  • be in the moment,
  • show up,
  • be gentle,
  • tell the truth,
  • take achievable next steps,
  • stay safe,
  • look up,
  • look down,
  • look all around,
  • listen carefully,
  • trust myself to figure things out,
  • accept all feelings,
  • recognize that I cannot change others but I can change myself,
  • lose my investment in the outcome,
  • stay committed to the process,
  • recognize and use my personal power,
  • be aware of internalized and unconscious messages,
  • do more of what helps,
  • do less of what doesn’t help,
  • just be,
  • make long lists, and
  • share these photos.

It’s a beautiful day to hide in my office at home (which I’m doing right now as I’m creating this blog).

It’s a beautiful day to share “It’s a Beautiful Day” by Tohpati (featuring Moonlight Project).

It’s a beautiful day when I find out about an Indonesian jazz guitarist and songwriter whose “most significant influence came from Pat Metheny.”

Is it a beautiful day to comment on a blog?

It’s a beautiful day to express gratitude, so thanks to all those who make my days more beautiful, including YOU.

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19 thoughts on “Day 2808: It’s a beautiful day

  1. politicians, withdraw their health cover, they will change even faster, that’s not fair, cheers, great list..

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  3. Enjoy your beautiful day back working, Ann.

  4. It’s a beautiful day to be alive.

  5. puella33

    The time flew, it seems as thought just the other day you were starting you staycation- it’s a good day to agree with the Daily Bitch- politicians should have the hardships of an ordinary citizen.

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  7. i’m sure all who you connect with in your work universe, feel it’s a beautiful day that you’re back. it’s also a beautiful day to see all of the things that people have left behind and wonder about why.

  8. I don’t think it’s ever too late for a beautiful day.

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  10. It’s a beautiful day to read your lovely post! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

  11. It’s a beautiful day for photography!

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