Day 2807: Be _____

Be honest, please, and tell me how you would fill in the blank in today’s title.

Be aware that two of my photos from yesterday provide possibilities.

Be prepared to listen to some “Be” music (which should be here, here, and here on YouTube).

Be hopeful, my friends. And be confident enough to express your thoughts and feelings in a comment, be-low.

Finally, be open to accepting my thanks to all who helped me be ready to create this “Be ____” post, including the Ronettes, Mario Lanza, the Be-atles, and YOU.

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29 thoughts on “Day 2807: Be _____

  1. Be – autiful 💛

  2. just be.

  3. Be yourself.

  4. “Be better” is what I say to myself but to everyone else it’s “be whatever you want to be”.

  5. Be true to yourself.
    What a tragic life Mario Lanza and his family had. I never knew before today!

  6. Be fearlessly authentic! ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

  7. I like “Be Kind” but these pictures made me think of “Be Curious”!

  8. puella33

    Be creative

  9. Be careful not to remove Harley from this blog.

  10. Be attentive.

  11. Be grateful. In spite of all the ugliness in our world at the moment, there is still much to admire, as evidenced by your lovely photos…..

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  13. Be aware.

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