Day 2806: Stay calm

I’m trying to stay calm as I

  • deal with new problems creating these posts because of changes on WordPress,
  • blog on my phone this morning,
  • get ready to resume working from home as a group and individual psychotherapist,
  • attend a challenging Zoom meeting,
  • set healthy boundaries,
  • respect myself and others,
  • balance preparation with spontaneity,
  • deal with technological glitches,
  • deal with human glitches,
  • recover and learn from mistakes,
  • accept my natural impatience and sensitivities,
  • encounter disappointment,
  • feel helpless,
  • rush to respond to people as quickly as possible,
  • plan my 50th high school reunion on Zoom, and
  • face the uncertainties we are all encountering, here and now.

What helps you stay calm? For me, it’s sharing photos like these:

Music like this helps me stay calm, even while reminding me of how fragile we are:

I also stay calm by noticing and expressing gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 2806: Stay calm

  1. your pictures of calm are very calming. i am trying to stay calm while working to set up school to open in person in 10 days. lots of feelings all over the place. one thing i try to think, that i’ve always done, as i try to return to calm, is – what if it doesn’t work? that’s okay, i can adjust as needed, when and if it doesn’t. to be worried about it in the present or conjuring up all of the bad possible outcomes for the future, does not allow us to fully enjoy the now.

  2. An excellent calm-inducing set, my favourite being the one with the water framed by tree with yellow/green boats in the foreground.

  3. I dislike the new Blocks Editor intensely. It is neither use, nor ornament . It is not a Word Processor, it is not a Desktop Publishing package, it is not a professional piece of software, it is certainly not a casual user, user friendly software.
    It must have been developed by a committee, a committee who did not have any brief, had no common language, and none of whom had ever written a blog.
    I did, however, manage to stay calm whilst writing this!

    • I am trying to stay calm as I blog daily, navigating the different editors. Thank you for validating my experience, Peter, which always helps me stay calm.

  4. Seeing a particular puppy picture makes me very happy and yet also calm. Good things really can come in small packages (he said, typing with some difficulty on his phone).

  5. puella33

    I like all your pictures, but I saw calmness in the picture with the 3 boats in the water and a yellow and green one on the shore..

  6. I really like those photos of the cat buddies, who may be part of the motorcycle club. What adventurers! And what a beautiful place to adventure in.
    Thank you for the photos, Ann.

  7. This is me when I’m using the new editor…✧*。ヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。. But, reading your post helps me stay calm..ฅ(≚ᄌ≚)

  8. I tried the new editor and reverted to the “classic” version in less than a week. Sorry, WG magicians, your new editor wasn’t sufficiently more useful to justify trashing the simple one I know and can function in with no stress. Well, mostly no stress since there are occasional quirks that drive me nuts, but I am sure the new, improved editor will have its days, too.

    • I’m trying to revert to the classic editor and my difficulty in doing so is disrupting my calm, temporarily. Thanks for all your calming comments, Doug!

      • The Wunderkinder of WordPress messed up on something or other that I am too exhausted to try to understand. It resulted in major disruptions of people like me who want to stick with the “Classsic” version (i.e. the one we don’t have to waste patience learning to use just yet…!). I tried to do a post today, post hack, and it was an agony! The look of my post is retarded, totally NOT what I wanted to do. So, given no choice, I did what I could and I DO expect the Wunderkinder to restore order to the site. Show me you know what the heck you’re about.

  9. Reading as little news as possible and looking at your lovely photo montages helps me stay calm, Ann. Good luck resuming work!

  10. Stay calm and let these lions sleep tonight.

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