Day 2804: Mood for a Day

When I was young, my mood for a day seemed to depend on how the Boston Red Sox were doing. If my favorite baseball team won, I had a good mood for a day. If they lost, I had a bad mood for a day. Many other people have had their moods for a day affected by the Red Sox; I’m not the only one who has had “Red Sox bipolar disorder.”

These days, my mood for a day seems to depend on the state of the U.S. November election. If it looks like my candidates are going to win, my mood is good for a day; if it looks like they are going to lose, my mood for a day is bad. I’m sure I’m not alone in this kind of daily mood disorder, either.

There are other things that influence my mood for a day. Can you see any of them in my recent moody photos?

Our moody kitty Harley recently showed an unexpected mood for a day — Harley jumped up on the sofa between my camera-shy husband and moody me and rubbed his head against my hand. That definitely improved my mood for a day and more. Yesterday, in the midst of many moods for the day, I said to Michael: “Harley hanging out with us and asking me to pat him was THE BEST.”

Here‘s the musical inspiration for today’s post:

Here‘s Steve Howe from Yes showing moody guitarists how to play “Mood for a Day”:

Here‘s Steve Howe improving people’s mood for a day by playing “Clap” and “Mood for a Day” live:

What affects your mood for a day, these days?

My mood for a day can always be improved with gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create this mood-for-a-day blog and to all who visit, including YOU.

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24 thoughts on “Day 2804: Mood for a Day

  1. Hope saves my day. It all centers on the outcome of the general election. He surely can’t win again, yet we believed he couldn’t win in the first place! It all comes down to that old saw: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” There is a minority who best better have learned from the worst mistake they ever made, one that derailed decency, truth, and America. This is what gives me hope: a silly belief that the experience of the past few years showed sincere people who voted for a vulgar, dishonest conman get it, figured it out, realize he was all hot air (something New Yorkers knew for decades!),and vote differently this time.

    • Thanks for improving my mood with your hope, Doug.

      • Teamwork, eh?! I need to focus on positivity myself lately, and have a few moments of funk that so far haven’t won over. Yes, I am hopeful I can continue to break through those occasional bad moments!

  2. I am grateful for you and all the moods you bring to us each day with your blog.

  3. My mood for the day often is affected by the weather. But then I come up to my sanctuary and Jesus prays with me for an attitude of gratitude and a response of generosity, forgiveness, obedience, and integrity – and my mood is set for the day as I descend the stairs and head in to get dressed. Prayer sets my positivity for the day. Thank You, God! And thanks for your post, {{{Ann}}} ❤️👍🏽

  4. I go through so many moods in a single day they’re less like swings and more like clouds: constantly shifting, sometimes dark, sometimes light. Harley has definitely passed on a happy cloud to a lot of us.

  5. puella33

    I know this sounds to banal, but the weather effects my mood. I do and feel better when it’s sunny- it could be freezing, but if the sun is out, I feel better

  6. Hope. We need. Whole lot of hope today!

  7. Steve Howe and Yes can put me in a good mood for a day!

  8. I love that Harley and your socks can set the mood. I say when it’s a bad mood for a day, switch over to queen for a day instead. it will magically turn things around.

  9. My mood for a day = (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

  10. The mood for a day may be joy that plants may be growing on a shoreline.

  11. YES❣️

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