Day 2799: I’m on my way

I’m on my way to explaining the inspiration for today’s post.


I’m on my way to having a cat sitting near me when I blog, again, because shy kitty Harley is, for the first time, next to me while I’m blogging. If I got up to get my phone to prove that Harley is close by, he might be on his way somewhere else.

I’m on my way moving through the grief process for the loss of our ever-present kitty Oscar, although every time I read this post or that post about his passing, I cry.

We’re all on our way to the November U.S. Presidential election and I hope I won’t be crying about those results. In the meantime, I feel like I’m on my way to being stuck in a David Lynch movie.

I’m on my way to showing you my other photos from yesterday.




















I love seeing cats and my son Aaron when I’m on my way.

I’m on my way to sharing  Take 6 singing “I’m On My Way” live in their inimitable way.

By the way, I loved seeing this video about a kid and his adult neighbor on their way.

I’m on my way to crying about that, too, because — as I wrote during my first year of blogging — kindness can make me cry, even harder.

Are you on your way to leaving a comment, below?

I’m always on my way to expressing gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU.



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16 thoughts on “Day 2799: I’m on my way

  1. It is so hard to lose a beloved kitty. I’m sorry for what you are going through, Ann. ❤️

  2. I am glad to hear Harley is expanding his cat kingdom, Ann. We have experienced that. When Puffball passed, Toby began to take on many of his roles, including sitting on my lap.

  3. We – Andy my Persian kitty, and I – still mourn his brother, Dougy, who died July 15, 2020. Slowly, we get used to not seeing him charge through the guest bedroom door to meet his brother for a cat romp. Or me, when I use the toilet, having a Dougy rubbing in and out on my legs. Or Dougy looking like a Pasha when he sat in a box. Like markbialczak’s Toby taking over for the late Puffball’s lap sitting duties and other roles, Andy is getting used to the idea that he has the whole house to claim as Andylandia, though Dougy’s ottoman still holds terror for him unless I put a lapboard on top of the former Dougylandia main territory. Then he will get on top of it, but he reaches over to a kitty lounger nearby to scratch his claim, sort of, on Dougy’s old territory.

    Adjusting to the loss of a beloved pet is wearing but doable. Tears still for Dougy, yet something was not right with his body or he’d still be with us. I try to focus on that. I am happy Andy is finding himself in charge now because Dougy, sweet kitty that he was to his brother Andy and me, really was a bit of a bully to at times his shy brother. Hugs again for you as you deal with the loss of Oscar.

  4. It sounds like Harley knows where he’s going, or at least what to do. It’s always helpful to have family members who know how to help after a loss.
    And my own mind keeps running to other things, like how much I love Aaron’s surreal mask, and also the question, is David Lynch coffee grown on twin peaks?

  5. I’m on the way to living my life and doing a great job despite these little blips of reality. Papers!!! They breed in the dark I swear. It’s a moment of bravery when I throw out old income tax files, receipts, birthday cards. I am on my way to making a big bonfire while camping. I hope the kind neighbour’s example is on the way to spreading like ripples in the pond. Harley is doing his best to channel Oscar. I’m glad you appreciate his differences. For sharing, I thank you, Ann.

  6. puella33

    I’m on my way hoping for better times. Have a nice day, Ann

  7. Don’t worry about shy kitty Harley getting up. His inspiration will catch up some other time and be on his way again to win a meowy stardust Oscar winning melody and you’ll be on your way again.

  8. I’m on my way to having great admiration for the guy who set out the track on his drive. What a great thing to do.

  9. it looks like you’re all on your way, in one way or another. what your way is, doesn’t matter, the fact that you are on your way, does. wow, this sounds pretty crazy reading it back, but hopefully it makes some sense. I love the driveway guy and the kid so much, and I see lots of cuddly-fuzzy guys in your way, including the stuffed guys, Harley, and Aaron.

  10. I’m on my way to grab a pack of the David Lynch Coffee. LOL! Coffee always makes my day better. (⺣◡⺣)♡*

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  12. I love the video of the neighbor helping the little biker on his way. It made my day.

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