Day 2798: Heads

Yesterday, my beloved long-time friend Barbara headed over to our place for our first in-person meeting since the pandemic.  After she parked her car and saw me waiting for her outside, the realities of the coronavirus momentarily went right out of her head and she instinctively hugged me — I turned my head away during the hug. Then,  we headed out for a walk and a delicious lunch outside, wearing masks on our heads.

Our conversational topics were headed up by:

  • the current head of the United States,
  • systemic racism,
  • other things that are worrying our heads (like voting and bureaucracies),
  • photography, and
  • how Barbara helps her partner, Jim,  get his  head out of the sand and how Jim helps Barbara get out of her head.

I have it in my head, here and now, that there will be many heads in my recently captured images.




I usually have it in my head that the Daily Bitch calendar will somehow relate to my daily blog post and sure enough, the name of this adorable neighborhood dog with the amazing head …

… is Donut.

 Here‘s a favorite song fromTalking Heads:

In my head, it DOES feel like life during wartime.

If you have thoughts in your head about this “Heads” post, feel free to express them in a comment, below.

Gratitude is always in my head, so thanks to all who help me create this blog, including YOU!



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21 thoughts on “Day 2798: Heads

  1. I love the heads of the little ones playing happily on the beach, waiting to discover things. I also love the head of your friend who has a friendly face, and the. head of donut, because once again, it proves that all things are connected in some way in this world, though perhaps not obvious at first glance using the eyes in our heads.

  2. I can’t get that striped building out of my head. It’s really remarkable. There are a lot of other things in my head and I can’t get out of it which is okay because most of the time it’s an okay place.

  3. That cute doggie sure makes heads turn. V◕ฺω◕ฺV

  4. Thank you for this heads up post, Ann. And when they give little cutie a bath, do they say they are dunkin’ Donut?

  5. A blog post such as this one can only be headed by a brilliant cat named Harley who is looking for a quiet place to work to send his article to National Geographic of the statue head to prove the legacy lives on.

  6. Heads – You win!

  7. It is so hard to remember not to hug after all that time

  8. puella33

    I love the little dog- it’s so refreshing.

  9. That sweet little pupper! I met a friend the other day and we both donned our masks to hug. It was almost like normal 😊

  10. Those are very interesting photos! Aren’t you glad that you moved nearer to the water before the pandemic? I love all your water walks.

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