Day 2796: The Element of Surprise

Much to my surprise, I’ve already written one post titled The Element of Surprise.  Would it surprise you if I shared how long it’s been since I created that post and all the surprising elements within?

Surprise!  I’m not going to do that math today.

Do you like the element of surprise?  Somebody does.


I won’t be surprised if people comment below that they  like the element of surprise only in certain circumstances. Personally, I’m still waiting for somebody to throw me a successfully executed surprise party.   And it’s probably no surprise if I say I’m hoping for no unpleasant surprises during the upcoming election season in the USA.

Can you find elements of surprise in any of these other recent images?



The last time I did a photo montage like that, I was unpleasantly surprised to see how the different  photographic elements showed up on my phone. I …


.. hope that you can easily explore elements of surprise in those smaller photos, but I won’t be surprised if it’s difficult to do so.

That reminds me of the elementally unhelpful “negative cognition” I’m letting go of through EMDR therapy, which is surprisingly effective in healing old traumas:

I can’t trust anybody, including myself.

Did that surprise anybody?

Here’s something that surprised me and my husband Michael yesterday:


Here’s something that did not surprise me:


Here’s another element of surprise: when the PictureThis app identified this …


as poke, pokeberries, and poke salad, I was surprised.

Now I’m wondering if my chosen musical selection for today has the element of surprise.


I’m hoping that it’s no surprise when I end each post with gratitude, because I am so thankful I get to share elements of surprise, every day,  with wonderful people like YOU.




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19 thoughts on “Day 2796: The Element of Surprise

  1. Given a choice between two surgical procedures before going under, our daughter said to the doc: “Surprise me”. She was pleasantly surprised.

  2. An element of surprise is that Harley was going to need an office for himself, a place for reflection where he can sort out his thoughts and pen his memoirs.

  3. The element of surprise was evident in the pink flower with the little bee in it!

  4. puella33

    I see the element of surprise in the unity of sports ( in your first picture) make a statement for justice. I was pleasantly surprised to know that Romney, Bush , and McCain supporters are endorsing Biden. It is no surprise that you know how I appreciate your graceful images of nature.

  5. Once on my way to work a coworker surprised me by showing me a big bag of green leaves.
    “Can you believe my neighbor was going to throw these away?” she told me. She was surprised that her neighbor didn’t recognize pokeweed, which is used to make poke sallet.
    I’m not surprised Tony Joe White calls it “polk salad” though.

  6. i thought the syracuse photo might be in honor of mark? my fav surprise here was the chalk board message’ add me on snap.’ i love surprises, but also have startle response so just don’t sneak up on me )

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  8. The Picture this app has been very helpful to me, the other amateur gardeners in my household, and my friends. Thank you,

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