Day 2795: At this point

At this point, I am

  • in charge of planning a high school reunion on Zoom for September 12,
  • prepared to share a new original song “We Grew Up in the Sixties and We’re in Our Sixties Now,”
  • looking forward to asking questions, answering questions, and sharing memories at the reunion,
  • letting go of any anxiety and worry about the event,
  • worried less about what other people think about me,
  • understanding more about category theory, thanks to my son Aaron,
  • more knowledgable about local plants and flowers,
  • on Day 5 of my Seventeen-Day staycation,
  • aware that I am the one who is counting,
  • stably within therapeutic range on Warfarin for my mechanical heart valve,
  • wishing the U.S. Presidential election was over already,
  • done letting bullies bother me,
  • confused and distressed by some things I see around me,
  • hopeful about people’s better natures,
  • back in EMDR therapy for old and new traumas,
  • exhausted from all the local and global disasters,
  • wanting to do what I can to make things better for the future, and
  • ready to share my latest photos.

















At this point, we have some great pictures of Harley.

At this point, I’m going to share this hopeful video about the future:

At this point, you can leave a comment below.

At this point in my blog posts, I always express gratitude for everything, including YOU!


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22 thoughts on “Day 2795: At this point

  1. I think you’ll discover that we all count, Ann?

  2. at this point, that well-worn puppet made my day. a metaphor for all of us, having lived life, and though it has not always been easy, we stuff have a bit of warm fuzzies left to us, and we’re still around.

  3. oops! “still” not stuff )

  4. At this point I’d like to come and weed that back yard!

  5. At this point King Harley has become the official spokesman of the Kitty’s Liberation Act of America to bite anyone who opposes voting by mail.

  6. Is that a real duck in the raised bed?

  7. I look forward to hearing your new song and I hope that your planning for your high school reunion goes well. That is a big job to undertake while on vacation.

  8. At this point I’m so ready to hear your new song, but then I can’t think of a point when I’m not ready to hear one of your songs. Even if I leave the house before I feel ready I’m ready to hear one of your songs.

  9. Oh, Ann, I needed that hopeful video about the future! I hope you don’t mind, I am posting it on my blog tonight. Thank you so much. It is indeed hopeful. A delightful poem and wonderful message for a parent to give to his/her child. We all need it!!

  10. At this point, I will do the things that make me happy like reading your daily post. (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

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