Day 2794: Categories

If I were to categorize my associations with categories, they would include

  • a kid’s game I used to play with my friends in which we sang “categories, names of, (some category)” while clapping our hands and naming things in the category back and forth until somebody couldn’t think of one, which I cannot find categorized on YouTube (which I categorize as disappointing)  and
  • this online definition:

category[ kat-i-gawr-ee, -gohr-ee ]
noun, plural cat·e·go·ries.
any general or comprehensive division; a class.
a classificatory division in any field of knowledge, as a phylum or any of its subdivisions in biology.
(in Aristotelian philosophy) any of the fundamental modes of existence, such as substance, quality, and quantity, as determined by analysis of the different possible kinds of predication.
(in Kantian philosophy) any of the fundamental principles of the understanding, as the principle of causation.
any classification of terms that is ultimate and not susceptible to further analysis.
categories. Also called Guggenheim. (used with a singular verb) a game in which a key word and a list of categories, as dogs, automobiles, or rivers, are selected, and in which each player writes down a word in each category that begins with each of the letters of the key word, the player writing down the most words within a time limit being declared the winner.
Mathematics. a type of mathematical object, as a set, group, or metric space, together with a set of mappings from such an object to other objects of the same type.
Grammar. part of speech.

During these days, which I would categorize as staycation days for me, my son Aaron is trying to teach me about categories in mathematics (see above and see here).

Leon, who I would put in the categories of ex-husband, father of my son, friends, and people I love, showed up recently in this diagram of categories my son drew …


… and also showed up yesterday …


… with a framed photo of mine he put into the category of photos worthy of framing when he saw it in a recent blog post.


I would put Leon’s actions —  printing out my picture,  framing it, and giving it to us  — into the categories of kind, creative, thoughtful, unexpected, and also very, very flattering.

What categories might we put these other recent pictures into?





Jeanette, who I would also put into the categories of friends and people I love sent me this beautiful card …


… which I would put into the category of condolence card for the loss of our cat Oscar, and so much more.  The  PictureThis app  (categorized as “Botanist in Your Pocket”) couldn’t place it into the category of flowers or plants.


Dave Smith, who I would also put into the categories of friends and people I love as well as into the category of talented teacher and musician, provides today’s musical selection — “Time Waits for No One” from the album Dave Smith & Friends:

I’m looking forward to any comments of different categories, below.

Whatever categories I might put my blog into (which today includes “personal growth,” “photojournalism,” “friendship,” “definition,” and “life during the pandemic”), I should always include the category “gratitude.”  Thanks to all who help me create these categorized posts every day, including YOU!


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22 thoughts on “Day 2794: Categories

  1. It is a beautifully composed and lit photograph and I love that L saw that and took
    it the next step. categories in science.I just finished Ibram X Kendi’s “Stamped from the Beginning and am now reading “How to be an Antiracist” – how we humans use the tool of categorizing to bolster and argue racist ideas. This post was a reminder of other non-hurtful uses

  2. That framed photograph is certainly in a category of one

  3. Luis Del Castillo

    Your blog is of the highest category

  4. I agree with your friend also. That monochrome image of the bike with the dog is really nice and poetic, and it looks really nice framed. King Harley rules. Did he agree? I think you have many categories already.

  5. Ahh….this post is about classifiCATion. (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

  6. Celosia falls into a special category for me: Flowers I carried in my wedding. Also zinnias, and marigolds. Those three were the ones I insisted on. Anything else colorful and hearty was welcome. No roses. I was very picky about my wedding flowers. I would categorize that as one of the few things I wanted complete control over planning. Maybe the only thing.

    I like the greeting card flower. If a poppy and a pansy had a child, it would be that flower.

  7. ooh, your childhood game was the original version of ‘scattergories” the now popular board game. i’d put you in the category of “trendsetters”, ahead of your time.

  8. What a bunch of great photo ops today!

  9. puella33

    I don’t understand the game, but, the nature photographs I would place in a harmonious and peaceful category/.

  10. Once while playing a game of Scattergories I got into an argument with a friend over whether triffids were allowed in the category of “plants”. I still believe they are, and it’s one reason I’m always suspicious of attempts to categorize things.
    Another is the fact that in high school no one I knew fell into the categories of sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wasteoids, dweebies, or dickheads, in spite of what the movies tried to tell me.

    • This comment is helping me categorize my scattered thoughts about my upcoming high school reunion on Zoom. I don’t like to be pigeonholed either, but I would definitely categorize you as a good friend of mine, Chris.

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