Day 2793: Picture this

Picture this:  one thousand, six hundred and fifty-four days ago (can you picture who is counting?), I published another blog post “Picture this” including pictures of

  • my son Aaron as a little boy and
  • my old office in Newton, Massachusetts, USA with pictures on the wall by my friend, the talented photographer Kathy Tarantola, who has taken pictures of Mitt Romney and his family, as well as not-so-famous people like me and my good friend/ex-business-partner Jonathan Stark (pictured in previous posts here, here, and here).


Picture this: Jonathan thought we should be pictured in a Gap print ad in the 1990s, using a great picture by Kathy Tarantola.

Picture this: I haven’t yet revealed why the title of today’s blog post is “Picture This.” Yesterday, I discovered a  free phone app “PictureThis” which identifies plants and flowers. Can you picture how that affected the pictures I took yesterday?


Picture this: I’m on vacation from my job, so I’m letting someone else do it this week and next.

Here‘s a YouTube video about PictureThis:


Here‘s “Picture This” by Blondie:


Here‘s “Picture This” by Kero Kero Bonito:


Can you picture being at a live concert with crowds again?  Picture this: I will be at a live concert again, I just don’t know when.

I am now picturing the comments I’m going to get on this “Picture This” post.

Whenever possible, I take pictures of gratitude, so that you can picture my thanks to all who help me take pictures to create these daily posts, including PictureThis and YOU!



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35 thoughts on “Day 2793: Picture this

  1. It’s difficult to picture going anywhere, with a crowd. There’s so much information from your new app, I have to lie down.

    • It is difficult to picture going anywhere with a crowd and I do tend to crowd my posts with lots of pictures and info, Ruth! Thanks for joining the crowd here.

  2. Picture this: Ann Koplow collapses through lack of sleep after trying to identify every flower on the planet!

  3. puella33

    I love that picture of you and your ex business partner who looks like Simon Cowell. I love your pictures, Ann- you bring out the beauty of the world around us- picture, this- everyone is kind and respectful of each other every where ,all the time.

  4. That is an amazing app! I am always wondering what plants are (and whether we can eat them). I’m going to get that app. Thank you.

    I enjoyed seeing Picture This try to identify Harley and Michael.

  5. Checking back in to say that I downloaded Picture This and it’s terrific! We checked it against several plants in our garden at various stages of growth. It got all of them correct, including two species of mint, so we used it to identify two plants that we couldn’t recognize. They turned out to be bittercress and catnip. Wow! This is an excellent application of AI.

  6. I could see myself going over every inch of my yard with the Picture This app. No matter how small the space we’re in a crowd of information.
    Also I’m like that lawnmower: free and I work, sort of.

  7. I’m glad that your people and cat didn’t make it into the plant category. I like the picture of the road with the boats and water in the gap. I can picture myself there. Cheers!

  8. i think that the pic of you and your business partner looks like an album cover. theres’s always time for another career change if you get tired of your current gig. you could do music therapy, which you already seem to do a bit of with your uke and your songs. i have an app called inature, and my sister and i went through a large park taking pics of everything we could, and we had a ball. if i remember right, it identified each of us as closely resembling (most like), some kind of animal other than a human animal, and that’s how you know it runs in the family and we are truly related. picture me laughing and enjoying your post when you read my comments.

    • I am seeking that app, beth, and I see Seek by inaturalist. I’m wondering if that’s the app that gave you and your sister so much joy, which I am now picturing.

      • does it have a little green bird on a white square? if yes, then that is it! if not, maybe you’ve discovered something new )

      • Inaturalist has a little green bird on a white square and thanks for helping me discover something new!

      • It really is funny sometimes

  9. What a cool app, Ann! So clever and useful. Definitely going to download it, as Florida is full of fauna I am not familiar with. My husband has an app that identifies songs from snippets, so when we (used to be) out at a restaurant or something and heard a song we liked, he could identify the artist. Picture this: a day when we can again go out and about, having a meal or taking photos without a nagging fear of getting sick….

  10. Beyond the Gap, Ann, I could picture you two on an album cover.

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  12. I like the app ‘Picture This’ because at least it makes one more conscious of the plants that surround you and it’s educational. However, one’s sense of artistic composition with photography does not need this app. You can do without it, even if it’s nice to have it in the spring and summer (even autumn) months of the year. It’s pricing is reasonable too.

  13. My picturethis crAPP! LOL! (* ˘⌣˘)◞[_]♥[_]ヽ(•‿• )

  14. Thank you so much, Ann. I didn’t know about the app but I just downloaded because it will come in very handy. You and I have so much in common. As I told you before, my daughter the social worker, until she started working from home, worked in the Longwood area too. Also, I lived in Newton for 25 years until I moved to VA. I guess we’re Mishpachah. Lol.

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