Day 2792: Achievable next steps

In therapy, I often ask people to think about achievable next steps, especially if they feel overwhelmed, powerless, and uncertain about the future.  (Sound familiar, anybody?)  Identifying an achievable next step can promote a sense of control and hope.

Here and now, my achievable next steps include

  • asking for more help in planning a high school reunion on Zoom,
  • going for a socially distanced walk on Day 2 of my 17-day staycation, and
  • writing my next blog post.

Do you see any achievable next steps in my photos from yesterday?



































Those last four photos show my son Aaron taking some initial steps to explain category theory to me.  He took some prior steps of describing category theory while we were stepping out on a neighborhood walk (pictured above).

My comprehending category theory

  1. will take many next steps over my staycation and
  2. is definitely achievable, because my son is an excellent teacher.

An achievable next step is to choose a YouTube video for today’s post. Here‘s one explaining John Coltrane‘s Giant Steps, “the most feared song in jazz history.”

Here‘s Giant Steps with somebody taking steps to add animated sheet music (but not for the piano solo):

People took the achievable steps of posting these comments on that YouTube video:

luis Bazan
5 years ago
It looks like I was watching a Tom and Jerry chase sequence, I like it

Skippy the Magnificent
1 year ago
“What key is this in?”

Does leaving a comment here feel like a giant step or an achievable next step to you?

Expressing gratitude is always an achievable next step, so thanks to all (including YOU!) who helped me take achievable next steps to complete this achievable next blog post.


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21 thoughts on “Day 2792: Achievable next steps

  1. Thanks for another upbeat post! Nothing like recognizing a big task is simpler when broken down into small, achievable steps. It seems obvious, yet who hasn’t stalled out when confronting a big task?

  2. In the spring my wife planted a lot of sunflowers but only a few came up. I guess it’s inevitable that not every step we take will lead to something but that doesn’t stop us from trying.

  3. The next achievable step is to allow my brain to reset after trying to keep up with all the nuances of ‘Giant Steps’.

  4. puella33

    The sunflowers , for me are a sign of hope and fortitude. Enjoy your staycation, Ann

  5. it’s clear from your pics that the dinosaurs are taking giant steps to making a comeback, and that Harley is achievable steps by entering ‘the stage’ as though he’s in a French farce.

  6. I see Harley is looking for his office for his next achievable next steps will be to carry on Oscar’s legacy and finish those novels.

    • Harley is indeed taking his next achievable steps to carry on Oscar’s legacy. Thanks for taking the step of posting this comment, Maria!

  7. This was a very interesting post. Thank you for the instructive video about the Coltrane Changes. Also, for reminding me about achievable steps. I think I’ll try a few.

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation. I look forward to hearing more about category changes after you have had more lessons from Aaron.

    Are there many cats for adoption in your area these days, by the way? There has been a shortage in this area for months. It seems that many people adopted pets when they began to work from home. I have a few friends who have been trying to adopt a cat or kitten but haven’t been able to find one. Meanwhile, I know someone who lives in a small town one province over, whose cat had kittens and she can’t find any families to adopt them. Everybody there seems to have a cat already.

  8. Ahh…achievable steps….I’m right on it. One small step at a time! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

  9. May your staycation refill all your levels that may be reading low right now, Ann.

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