Day 2791: Runnin’ the world and stuff

These days, we have people runnin’ and trying to convince us that they will do a better job runnin’ the world and stuff.

One of the people runnin’ for runnin’ the world and stuff is described by stuff like this:

Another one runnin’ for runnin’ the world and stuff is described by stuff like this:

Sometimes I wish I were runnin’ the world and stuff, as you can see by stuff like this:







If I were runnin’ the world and stuff, everybody would be able to have stuff like Ferrero Rocher and Tiramisu gelato cakes whenever they wanted.

What would you do if you were runnin’ the world and stuff?

Here is “It Keeps You Runnin'” from 1977 …

… and forty years later, with a lot of runnin’ in between.

I’ll be runnin’ back to this blog while I’m runnin’ errands and stuff to see what comments are runnin’ below.

Gratitude and love keep things runnin’ so thanks, with love, to all who help me keep runnin’ this blog, including YOU!


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30 thoughts on “Day 2791: Runnin’ the world and stuff

  1. Your pace astounds me every day, Ann.

  2. That cake could run my world. I nearly said “Holy mackerel” but since it’s for Michael’s birthday it’s more like “Holy Michael-rel!”

  3. Jimmer & Sally Miller

    Good Morning, Ann!
    Your link to the Doobies/Michael McDonald led Sally and I to the most enjoyable/nonpareil morning concert of Hall & Oates, Smokey Robinson, Kenny Loggins, Chicago/REO Speedwagon…..thank you, thank you, thank you!
    We want to pact with you, Ann, to make the next 10 years of our lives the GREATEST, most adventurous, most interesting, most kind, and most contributory yet!
    Enjoy your day!

    Jimmer & Sally

  4. I’ll definitely vote for you to run the world and stuff!

  5. If we were runnin’ the world and stuff, Harley would be king by now.

    • Harley thinks he IS king and runnin’ this household and stuff, Maria. Thanks for runnin’ by here with this great comment.

  6. I might have sound knees if I hadn’t run the world and stuff

  7. I have NEVER seen a cake like that. Exquisitely tempting!

    Happy birthday and happy every un-birthday, too, to Michael.

  8. Thanks for running the video of the young boy for us. What an positive endorsement. I would vote for you running stuff and also throw a shout out to Michael for his birthday. You can send me my piece of cake. It would surely help my mood. Wait! I’ll run the music video! Perfect. Enjoy the future. It’s going to be great!

  9. puella33

    That boys speech was very hopeful and it touched my heart. Have a nice day , Everyone

  10. I am runnin’ to be as brave as that young man, to eat a piece of cake like that, and to get to the ballot box!

  11. Happy birthday Michael 💕

  12. I love your running socks! And I’m running for a piece of that yummilicious cake! LOL!

  13. Happy Birthday, Michael, though don’t know how it could be otherwise with that marvelous cake…yum! And I think everything would run a bit better if everyone would embrace your philosophy of running things with love, Ann. 💕

  14. By the way, I think the world would be a kinder and safer place if you really were running it. We’d all be taking achievable steps and not shooting each other.

    • I think the world would be a kinder, safer, and better place if YOU were running it, my friend. I wish that was achievable! ❤

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