Day 2786: Passive Aggressive

I hope this doesn’t sound passive aggressive, but passive aggressive people drive me nuts. If you don’t know what passive aggressive means, why don’t you say so?

of or denoting a type of behavior or personality characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation, as in procrastinating, pouting, or misplacing important materials.

Hmmmm.  According to that passive aggressive definition, perhaps I am passive aggressive, since I’ve been known to

  • indirectly resist the demands of others,
  • avoid direct confrontation (especially with passive aggressive people),
  • procrastinate,
  • pout,
  • and misplace important materials to the extent that I spend much of time looking for them, while pouting.  For example, this weekend I misplaced my laptop, my phone, my water bottle, my pen, my purse, my mug, a mask, and a letter I had resisted mailing for days.

Well, if I am passive aggressive, at least I know I’m not alone, as you can tell from these passive aggressive images which I found at this passive aggressive website.







That passive aggressive goodbye cake reminds me that this Friday is my husband Michael’s birthday and I need to find an ice cream cake for him.  This is the first time my son Aaron and I will be around to celebrate that with him since every other year we’ve passive aggressively left him to aggressively and passively enjoy the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which passive aggressively is not taking place this year because of the aggressive coronavirus, which the  United States President has been aggressively passive about.

Is it passive aggressive for me to share these photos I took yesterday, especially if I resist telling you to look for passive aggressiveness in them?

















Some of those photos were taken at our local CVS pharmacy, which I sometimes passively aggressively call the “Coronavirus Store.”  Also, for the first time ever, Harley made the passive or aggressive or passive aggressive move yesterday of quietly infiltrating our late cat Oscar’s territory.

If you don’t notice how much time and effort I am already putting into creating this “Passive Aggressive” post, I just might sulk, but who would care about that?

Here‘s a song about a passive aggressive person, which I heard when I was taking my passive aggressive walk yesterday.

Here‘s a live version of “No One Knows My Plan” by They Might be Giants:

Before I end this post, I’m going to check out the usually passively aggressive Daily Bitch Calendar and see what today’s Daily Bitch is.


I might argue with that Daily Bitch, but I don’t like confrontation.

At this point, I’m just going to mention that if you don’t comment, I hope you realize that might be construed by some people (whom I won’t name)  as being sort of passive aggressive.

Is it possible to be passively aggressively grateful for everybody who helps me create these daily posts, including YOU?


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28 thoughts on “Day 2786: Passive Aggressive

  1. I passive aggressively adjudicate the king throne to Harley who is slowly acquiring all the skills necessary to rule with kitty wisdom and bliss.

  2. Happy birthday to Michael. I look forward to finding how you actively and lovingly celebrate his birthday, together.

    I wonder if Harley is, in his own way, missing Oscar.

  3. I’m not sure that I can comment today, I may not have time to type even a single sentence and, in any case, I seem to have misplaced my fingers!

  4. I much prefer a direct approach, for good or bad, at least I know what I’m dealing with and don’t have to waste time getting to the point. (sorry, that sounds harsh, but I’ve always preferred the truth stated clearly). not to say, I haven’t done things in my life to avoid or work around things in ways when I am uncomfortable. I try to be conscious of it and do my best to be direct. happy birthday, Michael, almost. I love Harley’s rather direct approach to helping to fill Oscar’s space in your home and in your heart.

  5. Confused? You won’t be after this episode of Soap!

  6. If you ask me Aaron’s Caplowe spelling was subtly passive aggressive

  7. Craig

    May I say you made me actively laugh. Thanks but if you’re upset by this comment I’m very sorry.

  8. I am very tolerant of many things, yet passive aggressive people soon find I won’t stick around.

  9. My wish for Michael to have a happy birthday is neither passive nor aggressive. And I hope it’s understood that sometimes when I procrastinate I’m not trying to be passively aggressive. I’m just an idiot.

  10. Debbie T

    I non-aggressively disagree with the definition that all misplacements of items (especially phones, keys, even laptops) are signs of passive aggressiveness. Those seem more like “senior moments” or normal person behavior. The type of misplacing that characterizes passive aggressive people would be more like filing a document (paper or virtual) or stashing an item in a careless place that is later hard to recall. Or *saying* that an item has been misplaced when it’s not really true: “Oh, I’m not sure where I put that” and not bothering to look for it.

  11. puella33

    Your effort of demonstrating passive aggression is not taken for granted. I’ll be thinking of a warm and happy birthday for Michael on Friday the 21st. Have a nice evening, Ann

  12. This is my passive aggressive face. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

  13. I’m ashamed to admit that I have my share of passive aggressive moments, especially of late. But I will aggressively say that this blog brings me joy every day and also give Michael, a fellow Leo, an aggressive Happy Birthday hurrah on Friday. 😁

    • Thanks for the admission, Lori, and please let go of the shame! You are not alone. You bring joy to this blog every time you comment. ❤

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