Day 2783: Details

When you’ve written as many blog posts as I have about so many different types of details, it’s inevitable that some details repeat.

In case you want details about why details are appearing again in The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally, check out the details in this photo:


Here are more details from my walk last night:





















The details look different at night, don’t they?  Here are some details from earlier in the day:




Here’s a detail I should have included in yesterday’s post, More Smiles:


Here’s “Details” by Maisie Peters, with lyric details.

This song by Maisie Peters belonged in yesterday’s post, too:

I look forward to the details in your comments, below.

No matter what the details, I’m grateful for another day with you!


I published this post forgetting to share the details of today’s Daily Bitch Calendar:


Details, details.


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20 thoughts on “Day 2783: Details

  1. it’s all in the details. I love the different views at night, everything seems different in the light of a new day.

  2. The night views bring a fresh perspective for sure, Ann.

  3. Beautiful photos, many of them convey a sense of quiet.

    I am curious about the photo of the stairs with flowers, lights and a flag. Is that a tribute to someone who died?

    I read this morning that President Trump raised or referred to questions about Kamala Harris’s place of birth. Why do Americans require a President to be born in the US? It seems discriminatory. Does it apply to someone who’s parents were US citizens, who was accidentally born in Canada when their parents were on holiday? (born abroad but entitled to citizenship?) Just wondering.

    • I’m not sure of the details of birthplace restrictions on American Presidents and neither are Michael and Aaron. I do appreciate the details of your comments, Maureen!

    • I forgot to include details about the photo of the stairs with flowers, lights, and a flag, which you asked about. That is just the front entrance into somebody’s home, which looked especially beautiful to me at night. Thanks for asking for details, Maureen.

  4. Who needs details? Isn’t that where the devil is?

  5. Normally I’m not a detail-oriented kind of guy, but I do enjoy the details in your pictures, and how darkness invites us to let our imaginations fill in the details.

  6. puella33

    I like the detailed night lights.The covered car need more details to determine if it’s an antique . ahahha. Have a nice Friday, Ann and everyone

  7. are very important for cats too. LOL! ~((Φ◇Φ)‡

  8. Always enjoy seeing what details catch your eye, Ann!

  9. The pictures tell ideas but the details are the story.

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