Day 2778: Scream

Last week, I asked people in a socially-distanced Coping and Healing group if they wanted to scream.  Some said they did want to scream, but nobody screamed in group.  When people are angry and frustrated, I sometimes suggest that they scream

  • together,
  • alone,
  • into a pillow,
  • in their cars,
  • along to music, or
  • other ways that work for them.

Yesterday,  I almost screamed with joy when this long-awaited mask arrived in the mail:


I wore the Scream mask yesterday when we shopped at a local Whole Foods Market (which my friend Jenn calls “Whole Paycheck”). The week before, I wanted to scream at our local Stop & Shop because a shopper was walking around with no mask, unchallenged, and several employees (INCLUDING A STORE MANAGER!) had their noses hanging out of their masks.  I might scream about that to our local Board of Health.

Do you see anything in these other photos from yesterday that makes you want to scream?


Here’s another photo from Whole Foods:


People who party together these days without obeying social distancing make me want to SCREAM!

During the month of August, people usually scream with laughter at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but not this year (which is screamingly apparent in this video by Laurie Black):

Here’s how Laurie Black introduces that video on YouTube:

This is Laurie Black, reporting from Edinburgh. Scenes on the ground here are unheard of – the streets are empty, shutters down, the silent discos are actually silent, and pipers are wearing facemasks… For the first time in 73 years, Edinburgh will *not* be welcoming performers and audiences from around the world, for 25 days in 300+ venues. That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy and support the arts – get involved at… and make an effort to look up some of your favourite Fringe artists and venues; follow them on social media; buy their merch; donate to their crowdfunder pages; and tune into their live-streamed performances. The show isn’t over, it’s just a dark day. See you in 2021!

Here‘s a video from my Edinburgh Fringe show last year:

Feel free to scream about anything you choose in the comments section, below.

Thanks for following and supporting one of your favourite Fringe artists here.



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26 thoughts on “Day 2778: Scream

  1. Your mask is certainly a scream

  2. and I scream for the baby balloons, a sign of life going on, in spite of everything. and I love, love your scream mask, perfect with your shirt. maybe everyone should wear their masks and have a good collective scream.

  3. When it’s my turn to monitor our holds pickup service in the library garage, Ann, I politely ask patrons who climb out of their car to head to the materials table maskless that they need to put on a face covering. Some look like they want to scream at me, but so far all have complied.

  4. Having seen your scream mask I now want to find a vampire mask and order one of each!

  5. I scream with delight at seeing your Munch mask and your Seurat mask. Seeing people with their noses out, or without any masks at all, does make me want to scream but I feel so much better when I scream about something that makes me happy.

    • I also got a Mona Lisa mask and a Dali mask, so I hope those make you scream happily when you see them in future posts. Of course, I always scream with delight whenever I see you here, Chris.

  6. puella33

    I have to scream about the same problem I’ve esperienced at my local Stop N Shop.They are very lax,at times maybe even ” disrespectful”. I love your artsy mask.

  7. I like Michael’s too! What a classy couple 💕

  8. I have ordered that mask too – I am still waiting, but look forward to screaming when it arrives!!

  9. I don’t feel like screaming but I do feel sad.

  10. I think I need some Ice-sCream! LOL! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  11. Well, the two videos were screamingly good and I love the Scream mask. I have had to experiment and find a mask pattern that fits and doesn’t slither down my nose when I talk. I did find one and have been running them up on the sewing machine since–I go through a few whenever I’m out for any time at all.

  12. There’s certainly plenty to make one scream these days. I must confess, I have had a couple of days where I just went out in the backyard and let fly. Amazingly therapeutic to let loose a good scream now and then. And your mask…perfection!

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