Day 2777: A Day of Ordinary Miracles

Yesterday was a day of ordinary miracles, especially because miraculous blogger Beth sent us this extraordinary hand-made condolence card for the loss of our ordinary miracle of a cat, Oscar.


That reminds me of the day of ordinary miracles when I tried to see Oscar in the stars.

It’s a day of ordinary miracles when a miraculously wonderful person like Beth gets me in such a profound way.  Yesterday was also a day of ordinary miracles because somebody in my Coping and Healing groups said, “It’s great to have a group like this where other people get you.”  These days, it’s an ordinary miracle when people get each other.

Yesterday was also a day of ordinary miracles because my 22-year-old son Aaron agreed to take a walk with his mother. Let’s see if you can see ordinary miracles in my other photos from yesterday:












It would be an ordinary miracle if you could find Aaron in one of those photos.

Today looks to be another day of ordinary miracles because I found this very helpful article with “Five-Minute Coronavirus Stress Resets, which include music medicine, cooling off, paced breathing, and anchoring. Here‘s the music medicine cited by Dr. Jenny Taitz that was found to be almost as effective as taking a benzodiazepine for pre-operative patients.

Here’s what The Daily Bitch Calendar has to say about another day of ordinary miracles:


I am woman, hear me

  • sigh,
  • cry,
  • try,
  • laugh,
  • speak up,
  • lead,
  • follow, and
  • blog*.

Gratitude always creates a day of ordinary miracles, so many thanks to Beth, my son Aaron, Dr. Jenny Taitz, Marconi Union, and the other ordinarily miraculous ones who sustain me in this blogging journey, including YOU.


* For other days of ordinary miracles, see the rest of the thousands of posts for this daily blog.**

** Because it’s been so long, it’s an ordinary miracle that I remember how to insert asterisks here and now.

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30 thoughts on “Day 2777: A Day of Ordinary Miracles

  1. I’m so glad you liked it, and that it boosted your spirits a bit. one of my favorite things to do is send handwritten letters and handmade cards to people. ordinary miracles in a day are the best, I believe. the ordinary miracle I see here, is that real friendships/connections can be made without ever being in the same room.

  2. What an extraordinary day to note the loving card connection between two of my favorite people. Great art, Beth! I can tell it comforts you, Ann.

  3. Every day is ordinary until we wake up to it! Thanks for sharing your extraordinary sights, gifts, and experiences, Ann. Our church’s Vision Statement is: “With Christ, enabling ordinary people to become extraordinary.”

  4. On reflection I found Aaron!

  5. It will be no ordinary miracle if that dog ever reaches that ball

  6. A Day of Ordinary Miracles is that Harley was also a Dauphin de Boston originally, Dauphin of Massachusetts was the title given to the heir apparent to the throne of US.

  7. Kelly Haran

    Thank you for the wonderful link to music. It’s so soothing and relaxing!

  8. I am still sending you a huge hug because of Oscar’s passing. And I’m so sorry. But I also love that you are finding the miracles the ordinary every day. I feel like that’s what this time period Has been allowing me to do. This morning, it’s a lovely breeze outside on the deck. A good book and a good cup of coffee. And my sweet 90 pound furry girl at my feet. Blessings to you today.❤️

  9. That is a lovely card. I’m very sorry to learn about Oscar. I had a cat named Oscar too, more than 30 years ago. I think all Oscar cats are very special.

  10. puella33

    It\s an ordinary miracle that we have each other.

  11. Beth’s card is miraculous and anything but ordinary, like Oscar himself. Looking at your pictures I see all kinds of miracles, miracles everywhere, but none of them are ordinary.

    • Looking at your blog and your comments, Chris, I see all kinds of extraordinary miracles, so thank you for all that.

  12. Beth’s card is truly pawsome! Ahh…the joy of ordinary miracles! ♡〜ლ(๑癶ᴗ癶๑)ლ〜♡

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