Day 2774: The difference between awareness and worry

I’m aware that I’ve already written posts about the difference between worry and planning, but I’m not worried about that.  I’m also aware that despite my belief  that worry never helps (an awareness I often share, here and elsewhere), I still worry.  For example, I’m aware that I’m worrying about the upcoming USA Presidential election and I’m aware that the worry affects me, every day.

You might be aware that I’ve already shared this photo about the difference between awareness and worry.


I’m aware that my writing might be difficult to read, above, and I’m worried that I might not be able to translate that into a nice table here.

          AWARENESS                                                                             WORRY

Present in the moment                                                            Future oriented

   Calmness                                                                                    Tenseness

  Certainty                                                                                  Uncertainty

Nothing needs to happen                                              Something needs to be resolved

       Helps                                                                                    Doesn’t help


My awareness tells me that table is not perfect, but I’m deciding not to worry about that. Awareness  of my own worry allows me to let go of it, every moment.

Do you see awareness and/or worry in these other recent photos?



IMG_6218 fullsizeoutput_4807



















I’m aware of the time, so here is “Aware of Your Love” by Carl Dawkins:


Is there awareness, out there, of how grateful I am for every day?



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19 thoughts on “Day 2774: The difference between awareness and worry

  1. It appears to me that some folks out your way don’t worry when their boat gets too old to be seaworthy, Ann. They instead transform it into a wonderful planter.

  2. I love the monarch waystation!

  3. puella33

    The sun flowers seemed aware of the bad weather, and they quickly closed their faces to protect themselves from the bad weather- They will smile again when the sun returns

  4. I worry that I’m always missing something. I also worry that when I say something like that it might be mistaken for a joke but it’s really a serious concern. I think taking a little time each day to just relax outside and be aware of nature helps.

  5. I am aware that boats used as planters will not need a sailmaker. I hope that sailmaker is doing well.

  6. it looks like the tigers don’t want to worry about someone taking the remote when they are watching their movie!

  7. I’m aware that if I worry too much I may end up looking like this. LOL! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

  8. Pingback: Day 2812: Overload | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  9. I’m aware that Harley is a prince under a rainbow of happiness. I worry no one has told him.

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