Day 2772: The same time

I like to wake up, blog, and look at the Daily Bitch Calendar the same time every day.


I do NOT take naps even when I’m tired of doing too many things at the same time, which does not make for sane time.

At the same time of year in 2011, I started my job at a major Boston hospital, where I do group therapy, individual therapy, crisis work, and  otherwise take care of the behavioral health needs of way too many people at the same time.  While I do too much at the same time, at the same time I do NOT want to retire (although many people do retire when they reach the same time of life as mine).

As I tell many people in my groups at the same time, we all need to do a better job balancing our needs with other people’s needs.  At the same time, it’s easier to tell others good advice than to listen to it yourself.

I would love to resolve, at the same time as you, to

  • balance my needs with other people’s needs,
  • do more self care,
  • set healthy boundaries,
  • say “no” to some requests,
  • take a breath,
  • slow down,
  • accept all feelings,
  • be aware of what I can and cannot control,
  • be clear about what I can and cannot do,
  • take achievable next steps towards my chosen goals,
  • let go of worry, and
  • keep a sense of humor.

Here’s a photo I took when my husband Michael,  my son Aaron, and I were walking around our neighborhood at the same time:


When other people are walking near us, we put our masks on at the same time.

Do you know how some people can’t walk and chew gum at the same time?  Apparently some people can’t walk and wear masks at the same time.

Here are photos I took at the same time that I was taking my walk yesterday, when other people were using the same time to swim and go boating. What else was going on at the same time?





















So many of us around the world are experiencing the coronavirus pandemic at the same time. At the same time, not all of us are reacting to it the same way.

I hope things are better the same time next year.

At the same time that I was watching The Hate U Give and then Rent  yesterday, Michael and Aaron were on their own computers.  Then, we ate veggie burgers at the same time …


… and  watched The Spanish Prisoner. It’s difficult to find a movie we all want to watch at the same time.

At the same time that I’ve been writing this post, I’ve been hearing this song in my head:

It’s fun to see all those people from the Phoenix Chamber Choir in Vancouver, Canada singing at the same time.

At the same time in every post, I express what I’m thankful for.


We can be thankful for many things at the same time and I am definitely thankful for you.

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22 thoughts on “Day 2772: The same time

  1. i find that my natural rhythm is really similar to a farmer’s hours, i fall asleep by 9 or 10, and wake up between 5 or 6. it’s pretty much the same time each and every day, unless i am out somewhere engaged in something. i think it’s good to discover what our same times are, and go with them if we can. also with the slowing down of things, a good side effect is that i’ve stopped trying to do so many things at the same time, and instead, just truly be in the moment and give my attention and focus to one thing at a time. less rush, rush and more presence.

  2. I read my favorite blogs at the same time before my work days begin, Ann, of course including yours!

  3. It is a sad, but amazing, fact that at the same time people are being born, living, falling ill, recovering, loving, hugging, arguing, dying, grieving, celebrating, crying, clapping, falling in love, dancing, sleeping. At the same time it is worthy of note that in an arbitrary list there are twice as many positives as there are negatives.

  4. It is 7:15 in the morning here, and at the same time, three hours later for you.

    We are having an increase in COVID cases here and at the same time, the government is planning to send kids back to school. My brother may have a stem cell transplant next month at the same time that the kids go back to school. I hope that my brother and the school kids get some time outside in sunny weather, at the same time (before school starts) but hopefully not in the same place.

  5. So many things at the same time going on in this world (love Peter’s Ponderings same time comments)

    As the same time I’m typing this, Beaumont the Sheepadoodle is lying under my desk starting out at the squirrel who flies through the trees every morning.

    And… he’s reminding me… it’s this same time every day we need to get to the park!

  6. puella33

    I I like to relax and read your blog at the same time. It looks like the people are in the water and it’s raining at the same time, in the pictures above. Have a nice day, Ann

  7. I’ve been having difficulty organizing my time lately. In fact a friend, who’s retired, told me I wasn’t organizing my time well because I had trouble finding time to help him on a project. I tried to explain that I’m still working forty hours a week which often leaves me tired and with very little time to myself.
    I’m trying to draw something deeper from this but perhaps this isn’t a story that’s made for multitasking.

    • At the same time, I’m judging people who judge others for how they organize their time, Chris, especially since I really appreciate the way you organize your time here on WordPress. ❤

  8. I like to read and drink coffee at the same time! (๑╹ڡ╹)╭ ~ ♡

  9. I am deeply frustrated by many people’s behavior these days, but at the same time encouraged by the generosity of others, including you Ann! 💕

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