Day 2768: On my mind

On my mind today are

  • the upcoming U.S. Presidential election,
  • long-standing injustices against people of color,
  • the number of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic,
  • other mind-boggling events,
  • the quote “Hell is truth seen too late,”
  • bullies,
  • kind people,
  • the healing power of groups,
  • the healing power of art,
  • the healing power of nature,
  • mindfulness,
  • care for others,
  • self care, and
  • my wonderful cousin Lani, who sent me beautiful condolences about the loss of our fabulous kitty Oscar.





What’s on your mind when you look at all the images I captured yesterday?

It’s on my mind to remind you to click on any of those images if you wish to enlarge them.

These mindful and beautiful performances were on my mind when I woke up this morning (here and here on YouTube):


As always, gratitude is on my mind, so thanks to Lani, Take 6, Donald Fagen, tigers everywhere, everyone who is coping and/or healing, and (of course!) YOU.


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20 thoughts on “Day 2768: On my mind

  1. Right this second, as I recalll my fondness for your beloved Oscar, the Today show break featured a commercial with a dad and toddler loving on their dog named Oscar. Perfect timing, Ann.

  2. I hope the repairmen don’t get confused by all the extraneous markings on the road!

  3. Love. Kindness. Comfort. Beauty. — are on my mind as I read and view your post.

    And seriously? I’d never heard that quote before!

  4. Those are some snail trails

  5. puella33

    If I remember correctly, today is Oscar’s anniversary ‘s passing? God bless always

  6. There’s so much on all our minds right now I’m surprised we can keep our heads up.

  7. I see a lot of worry on your mind, and the tigers are missing their friend and that is on their mind, and the hydra accidentally created out of tar in the streets, as in the story of hydra, it always grows back. (when spring comes in the case of streets). why this came to mind, I can’t really explain, but I consider it street art.

  8. Such a heartwarming message you received from your cousin, Lani. You’re on my mind lately and I’m thinking about what an inspiration you have been to us. (♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。*

  9. Your huge heart and great eye for interesting photos are what’s on my mind this morning, Ann. Wishing you a peaceful, restorative weekend…

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