Day 2764: Remarkable

It’s remarkable how many remarkably comforting and thoughtful remarks people have been leaving on this blog about the recent loss of our remarkable kitty, Oscar.

It’s also remarkable, to me, how anybody can still support our remarkable U.S. President, who thinks it remarkable that he passed a cognitive test and remembered the words “Person Woman Man Camera TV.”  I don’t think it’s that remarkable that I still remember those words in order, days after hearing them.

Recently, I remarked to my husband that I found it remarkable that somebody had used a marker to mark up a nearby wall with this:


Yesterday, I brought a marker with me on my walk, with the intent to re-mark that wall.  However, my marker was remarkably thin, so I couldn’t remark the MAGA marks, even though I tried. Instead,  I marked up the wall directly above, like so:



As I re-marked that wall, I listened for remarks from people nearby on the beach,  who were enjoying the remarkable day. Everything was remarkably quiet. When I was done re-marking, I resumed my remarkable walk.

Which of my photos today are the most remarkable?


I find these images particularly remarkable, here and now.
















It’s remarkable how comforting it is to have Harley around as we grieve the loss of our remarkable Oscar , who looked like this:


After I saw that cat food bag at the supermarket yesterday, I showed that photo to my remarkable husband Michael, who has so often remarked in many remarkable situations, “Look, Ann!  That cat looks just like Oscar!”

It’s remarkable what we remember.

Here is Jaheim‘s  “Remarkable” featuring Terry Dexter:

It’s remarkable how much I’m looking forward to your remarks, below.

Remarkable thanks to all, including YOU.



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27 thoughts on “Day 2764: Remarkable

  1. The socially distanced chair under the remarkable clouds catches my eye, Ann.

  2. What you do everyday is remarkable, Ann. ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

  3. Sally Colacicco

    You need to find Sarah Cooper on YouTube doing “How to cognitive” and “How to person, woman etc”
    She is brilliant!!

  4. Maureen Brenna

    I love many of your pictures but my favorite is the rock that says one day at a time, the yellow balloons, the clouds and the pictures of Harley. My heart still aches for you, your family and Oscar.

  5. I find your self portrait remarkable, along with all your other photos. And in these difficult times I find it remarkable, but also gratifying, that good people like you keep making the world better.

  6. Sarah Cooper is hilarious! I like your pictures. I see Oscar playing in the clouds. He’s a happy cat. Your self portrait reminds me of Frieda. I bet she would have worn wild socks when she was chilly!

  7. i think your portrait is remarkable, it shows the real you

  8. puella33

    Hi, Ann, I love that portrait of you. I found the pictures of the sun balloons remarkable with it’s vivid refreshing yellow . I think all your photos are remarkable, actually. Enjoy your Sunday.

  9. I do enjoy the art therapy stones. A remarkable idea for these times 💕

  10. I love your re marked wall✌🏼and a virtual hug for Oscar. May he live forever in your heart. ❤️

  11. I am really tickled by the idea that you’re writing on a wall, Ann. Way to go! You rock!

    If you get a thicker marker, you can turn MAGA into an advertisement for your favorite MAGAZINE. I am sure some writers and publishers would appreciate it.

  12. It’s remarkable how much I like your photos. And I really like the self portrait. I’m wondering how Harley is taking Oscar’s absence…

  13. It’s remarkable how ebullient your spirit is, even in the face of great sorrow, Ann. Keep those fabulous photo arrays coming!

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