Day 2763: People who think they know everything

The Daily Bitch calendar knows something about people who think they know everything.


I’m definitely not a person who thinks she knows everything. For example, last night I spent hours looking for the comet Neowise, not being wise enough to know that the time to view it around here had passed.

Before I shut up about that, I want to share why I spent so much time looking for Neowise last night.  When my beloved father died in March of 1997, a spectacular comet, Hale-Bopp, was in the sky. I went looking for that comet with my son’s father, knowing that would help me say goodbye to my dad.  I know we found that glorious comet and I remember how I imagined my father’s beautiful soul becoming part of it forever.

When I realized that there was another fantastic comet in the sky while our beloved cat Oscar was dying, I knew it would help to find that comet to say goodbye.  I didn’t know that the last night to successfully view Neowise around here was Tuesday, the night before our Oscar passed from this realm.

If you know me at all, you know that I still enjoyed the process of looking for Neowise last night, with two phone apps and a pair of binoculars given to me by my knowing husband, Michael.














I hope you know that looking for Neowise helped me last night.  Even though I couldn’t see it in the sky — partly because the Northwest view from here is towards the lights of Boston — I knew it was there and so did my “Find Neowise” phone app.


I don’t know everything but I do know Oscar lives on in my heart . Last night, my very unusual heart did noticeably better as I climbed the hills near our home.  I know it helps to believe that Oscar, with his love, strength, and persistence, is part of me now.

Here‘s “How Little We Know,” sung knowingly by Carmen McRae.

I know people are going to leave great comments about this “People who think they know everything” post.

People who think they know this blog know that I always end with gratitude for everything, including YOU.





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25 thoughts on “Day 2763: People who think they know everything

  1. At the risk of spouting a cliche I must say that the older I get the more I know what I don’t know

  2. Your photos of fantastic night time light have made my morning more special, Ann. I did not spot Neowise in our skies here, but I am newly wise from noting other folks’ photos published by the media.

  3. I don’t know everything but I do know that death doesn’t end a relationship. All the love and memories you created are still there, my dear friend. Hugs ♥♡♥(ꈍᴗꈍ)ε`*)♥♡♥

  4. puella33

    That’s a very touching story, Ann about your father. I don\t know everything, I would like to believe that life doesn’t end at death. I don’t think there are rules in coping- you do what ever it takes to be strong. Death is another mystery where there are no definite answers. We cling on to faith, hope and love, and above all our instincts. We are here for you

  5. I am so sorry to hear about Oscar. But I do believe the love remains and is a part of us. Sending you a very big virtual bear hug . . .

  6. We are all star stuff, and as comets make their orbit they leave something of themselves with us before they go. Although you weren’t able to see Neowise I love the fact that comets represent both something taken and something shared, and that will always return in time.

  7. Your sharing is comforting. My husband has been gone 7 years now. Went to get cigarettes and never came back…
    Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. I use humour to deflect sadness. What do I know?
    I think staring at the night sky is a perfect activity when looking for our departed loved ones. Peaceful. I like to note what the sunset is like when I have to say goodbye to a special person. It’s art in the sky. I don’t know much, but I know you have a good husband who supports you, binoculars at the ready. Peace.

  8. Maybe the people who think they know everything right now are Harley.

  9. Rarely do I see a post about my sister or daughter both know it alls, can’t tell them a damn thing.

  10. That rock with the flowers holds a great deal of charm for me. As does Carmen McRae. I just came in from looking for Neowise, hoping it was still out there. It has been cloudy in the evenings here and I missed the good views of it, too. Still, it’s always good to know there’s a something like that out there, flying around the universe. I remember looking at Hale-Bopp as well…

  11. My kids looked for the comet as well but it was overcast.

    I love that you looked for Oscar in the sky

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