Day 2760: They can’t take that away

Today is our beloved kitty Oscar’s last day on earth.  We have scheduled a “peaceful passing” for him today at 5 PM; it’s unclear whether he will make it to then.  Either way, we know it’s the right decision to let him go.

Many thanks to all my readers for helping us through this painful process.

Last night while spending time with Oscar, who can barely walk and has stopped eating entirely,  I rewrote the lyrics to my favorite song  — “They Can’t Take That Away From Me.”

The way you ate your meal,
The way you meowed off key.
The way you made us feel,
No, no, they can’t take that away from me.

The way you took cat naps,
The way you watched TV.
The way you graced our laps,
No, no, they can’t take that away from me.

We may never, never meet again on this earthly road of love,
But there’ll always always be the memory of

The way you were our cat
The best a cat could be,
The memory of all that
No, no they can’t take that away from me.

No, they can’t take that away from me.

The night before last,  Oscar was gracing my lap as we watched  Fred Astaire  and Ginger Rogers take dancing and singing to a new level with   “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” in the great Rogers-Astaire reunion movie The Barkleys of Broadway.

I wonder how many takes it took to capture that perfect performance.

They can’t take away this memorable comment about that YouTube video:

Daniel Bradford
3 years ago
No matter what happens, they can’t take away your memories.

No matter what happens, they can’t take away the memories of Oscar in this blog and in Oscar’s Facebook page, found here. And they can’t take away the nice comment left yesterday on Oscar’s Facebook page by the veterinarian who consulted with us last night about Oscar’s quality of life.

They can’t take away these photos from yesterday:

They can’t take away any of those memories.

They can’t take away my gratitude for everything, including Oscar and YOU.



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51 thoughts on “Day 2760: They can’t take that away

  1. nope, he will forever be a part of all of you, no taking that away. ❤

  2. Many of us share the tears for Oscar this day, Ann, because you lovingly shared his joyful life with us so many days here. We’re with you. Bye-bye, beautiful Oscar.

  3. For all the joy and love that Oscar has given and received from you and so many, thank you. They can’t take that away.

  4. Luis Del Castillo

    I’m so sorry Ann, I’ve never met him but from your blog I always felt I’ve known him since forever

  5. So sorry Ann. I fear that we will have to make a similar decision with our beloved Frances soon. Tears well up n my eyes as I think about the pain you must be enduring. Lovely tribute to Oscar.

    • Thank you for this beautifully caring comment, my friend. Together, we will endure the pain of losing the pets we have loved. ❤

  6. I’m very sorry. It is never easy.

  7. I believe Oscar is giving you the signs that he’s ready to go. Aww…I’m tearing up already. My thoughts are with you as you go through this painful process. Sending you loads of love, peace and hugs…♥♥♥♥♥

    • Your thoughts, feelings, love, peace, and hugs help more than you can ever know, my friend. ❤ ❤

      • I believe we are one and we’re here to love, encourage and support each other.
        Take care, my dear friend. ( ◜◒◝ )♡

  8. Kelly Haran

    So Sorry to hear this, Ann. I feel like I know Oscar from your posts. It’s not easy. Sending you loving thoughts. May Oscar have a peaceful transitioning. He knows he is loved!

  9. Magali

    I so sorry for Oscar and for you.

  10. puella33

    I share your sadness, and will remember all the fond memories you shared of Oscar. God bless

  11. Thank you for sharing Oscar with us all these years, Ann. Thank you to Oscar, too. My thoughts are with you, Michael, Aaron and Oscar today.

  12. I’m so sorry you are losing your Oscar today. He will always be a part of you and in your heart.

  13. Peace and comfort to you both Ann, I know it isn’t easy.

  14. My wonderful long-time friend Marcia wanted to post this beautiful comment on the blog today:

    Nothing you would ever do for Oscar could be wrong. You are taking tender care of him, as you always have. He is safe and unafraid and at home. What a happy cat life he has had, with a loving family and a boy of his own, a cat friend, fantastic favorite foods, a million toys and things to see and places to lie in the sun. Remember too that Oscar has many friends and admirers who think him a fine, handsome and interesting fellow. He has people who will miss him and think of him always as a very special character. An enviable life.

    If Oscar were in the wild, he would curl up under a thicket and sleep and sleep and sleep. But what would Oscar be doing in the wild? He has a house! And he stays there with you now just because you need him, because he is doing what he is supposed to do for the people he loves..

    In a lifetime of living with animals, I have come to believe that being alive is much less like a mighty oak and much more like a breeze blowing in the leaves of that oak. Here and there, sweet sound and then quiet. In our individual physical selves, we are “fringed with light,” (I love this Virginia Woolf phrase) our edges uncertain and shimmering and glorious. Oscar is among the lucky creatures for whom the edges of that existence are more fluid.. They know that they are more a part of everything, and they experience everything in a more intimate way. It’s not such a long journey from here to something else. He won’t mind going. And you will always miss him, and marvel at what a wonderful cat he was.

    Love you

  15. I am right there with you. Feel the love and gratitude for Oscar having been such a gift for you and the family. Sending a gentle hug 💕

  16. Kelly Haran

    Such beautiful words and all excellent points. Thanks for sharing that Marcia. Indeed, seems as Oscar has had a wonderful life!

  17. Memories last for as long as a piece of string
    Oscar knows he is loved and will be missed

  18. I’m so sorry Ann (and family). ❤️

  19. Nothing will ever take away your wonderful memories of Oscar, or the fact that, with you and because of you, he had a long, happy, and beautiful life.

  20. So hard to say goodbye to a beloved member of the family ❤️😥

  21. I will mourn with you, Ann, just as you did with me in my recent loss of my Dougy, my Persian kitty. May Oscar’s passing be quiet, painless, and surrounded with love for the years he shared himself with you. Hugs, tears, and love for you at this sad ti9me.

    • It helps to mourn together, Doug. Hugs, tears, and love back at you. ❤

      • That it is Ann. I hope the support given you on Oscar’s passing has been as comforting as it has been on Dougy’s. Hugs and love again on Oscar’s passing.

  22. Poor Oscar and poor you. It’s really sad. On the other hand, he had some nice time at home with you, not to mention a good life.

  23. Lena

    So Sorry Ann pets are like children, and that Cat song fantastic RIP Oscar

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