Day 2755: Emotion recollected in tranquility

According to William Wordsworth (who wrote many worthy words), the origin of poetry is “emotion recollected in tranquility.”

I have emotions (including joy) about recollecting THAT,  sooooo many decades after learning it in college. I’m recollecting it today because of my recent personal experience  of having strong and upsetting emotions, letting time pass, recollecting those emotions in tranquility, and feeling resolute and happy about achievable next steps.

Therefore, I believe that emotion recollected in tranquility not only creates poetry but also creates paths to move forward through troubled times.  Instead of being so reactive to our emotions (especially anger and fear), let us recollect those feelings in tranquility to achieve wise mind (an overlap of emotional mind and logical mind).

Do you see emotion recollected in tranquility in my photos from yesterday?



































In tranquility, today, I am recollecting the emotions I felt yesterday having my first restaurant meal since the pandemic began, with caution, with a new haircut, and with my long-time friend Deb.

Here‘s what comes up when I search for “emotion reflected in tranquility” on YouTube:


What are your emotions and thoughts about this emotion-reflected-in-tranquility post?

For me, emotion reflected in tranquility always results in gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.





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25 thoughts on “Day 2755: Emotion recollected in tranquility

  1. Just back from my first haircut since February. Restaurant meal not yet possible

  2. What a perfectly tranquil pussy cat roundel Oscar makes. I’ve had the haircut, but no meal out yet!

  3. Love your wefie pic. ♡(⁎ᐙॢ*)ॢ(*ॢᐕॢ⁎)♡

  4. That pretty mask looks reusable if washed.

  5. I should put a “wait here” sign six feet from the fridge!

  6. puella33

    Emotions reflected in tranquility would be like a memory, correct? Your first meal at a restaurant looks delicious

  7. Poetry inspires a wide spectrum of emotions in me, but they’re not always recalled in tranquility. Sometimes they’re recalled in laughter because I’m reminded of something.

  8. Last year around this time you were preparing excitedly for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I don’t know of any poems about that but I think you wrote a song.

  9. I see you worried, but later okay, as you moved into tranquility with these wonderful activities, and pasta is tranquility. and I see Oscar, moving toward tranquility, getting just a bit bigger in his level of peaceful tranquility and smaller in his sweet little body each day,

  10. I need anouther trim just have to get Tim to do it for me, yes my husdband cuts my hair and has done for over 30yrs.

    We ate out at a restaurant on Wednesday it was ok but very different

  11. Nice you got to see your sister!! I had my hair cut a couple weeks ago, but have only done a single food pickup from a sandwich shop. Don’t think I want to eat out yet (though I do want to eat out). As usual, your words about reflecting on emotions are wise.

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