Day 2753: Discovery Areas

Yesterday, I discovered this discovery area on a walk near my home:


Every area can be a discovery area, if you are open to discovery. What can you discover in these recent photos from my surrounding areas?

If you want to discover more in any of those photos, please click to enlarge.

As usual, I discovered yesterday that kindness rocks.


And you may have discovered, through my photos, that our beloved kitty Oscar is still with us.

What else are you discovering these days, in your area?

Here‘s “The Greatest Discovery” by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, about the birth of a little brother:

Here‘s “A Voyage of Discovery” by Rick Wakeman, from his album Past, Present and Future.

Whenever you look at the ending area of my blog posts, you will find gratitude. Thanks to all who helped me create this “Discovery Area” post and thanks to you, for discovering it!


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28 thoughts on “Day 2753: Discovery Areas

  1. Jimmer & Sally Miller

    Thanks, Ann! This is a definite up-lift on Tax Day!
    Jimmer & Sally

  2. Stones, painted and unpainted have aided your compositions

  3. It’s good that we continue to discover new things all throughout our lives!

  4. I am happy to discover that Oscar is still with you. Also — your supper looks so yummy!

  5. puella33

    I discovered orange berries in the sixth picture after the cover photo. Do you know what they’re called? Have a nice day, Ann

    • I wish I knew more about plants. Maybe I’ll take time to discover more about them. Thanks for another nice comment.

      • puella33

        No, worries, Ann. It’s not important. I just thought you knew since it was in the picture.

  6. Beautiful landscapes, discovery areas that philosopher and poet Oscar understands too well.

  7. I discover new areas via blogs like this

  8. i discovered that beauty can be found in all places

  9. I find that no matter how well you know any place there’s always something new to discover, something that brings me here every day.

  10. I discovered you left no stones unturned. You rock, my dear friend….as always. ♡ლ(-༗‿༗-)ლ♡

  11. A delightful photo excursion, as always, Ann. I am discovering many beautiful spots on the trails around my neighborhood these days. We have over 17 miles of horse trails we can walk and the spaces under the live oaks hanging heavy with Spanish moss are enchanting. Glad that Oscar is still with you…💕 Stay safe and be well. Glad that you never hide your light under a rock…😉

  12. I discovered that you can step down to some delightful seaside serenity, Ann.

  13. I love the painted stones.
    I have discovered that there are many beautiful spots right under my own nose.

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