Day 2751: One Step Closer

Yesterday, when I was one step closer to the seaside on the South Shore of Boston, I heard “One Step Closer” by The Doobie Brothers.

When I searched YouTube for “One Step Closer” I was one step closer to discovering this great live 1992 video of the Doobie Brothers’ One Step Closer Tour stop in Santa Barbara.

If you want to hear the tune “One Step Closer,” it’s playing in the introductory moments of the video before the Doobie Brothers take the stage.  As I watch that concert, I contemplate how we’re one step closer to returning to live outdoor concerts like this in the USA, but NOT YET.  We have to take this process “Minute By Minute” (starting at 22:22 in the video), with safe and careful steps the entire way.

Here are the Doobie Brothers performing “One Step Closer” in 1991 on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson:

I took the step to share that video because a full version of “One Step Closer” was NOT part of the live One Step Closer Tour concert footage above.

Now I’m one step closer to sharing my latest photos with you.





















Every day, we’re one step closer to the end of our cat Oscar’s life, but he’s still our bedmate with warm paws.

What are you one step closer to, here and now?

The one step I always use as my closer is gratitude, so thanks  for taking steps to get closer to me, today.

IMG_5369 2


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30 thoughts on “Day 2751: One Step Closer

  1. We’ll take these steps collectively from the heart, Ann.

  2. i loved the doobies and it was actually my dad who introduced me, so i thought that made him one step closer to super cool status. everything is life is a series of baby steps, always getting a little bit closer to our next destination. i see this as a positive –

    • I am not surprised you have a super cool father, beth, and thanks for stepping up with another lovely and positive comment. ❤

  3. Michael feeding Oscar by hand reminds me of Don feeding our eldest girl Meg. Precious times. We lost our middle dog Dilys a couple of weeks ago. That was hard as it was unexpected. Sending a hug your way Ann 💕

    • I am so sorry for your loss, Val, and many hugs to you. We always have the memories of those we’ve loved. ❤

  4. I like the beach shots. Post-surgery I’m one step closer to getting out of a chair without the use of my arms.

  5. puella33

    Hi, Ann, are those water views isolated because it’s private property or because of the Corona restrictions? I drove by a lake in my area, and it was so crowded. I’m one step closer to getting an elliptical bike. Did you have to assemble yours? Have a nice day, Ann

    • It’s private property but nobody seems to mind when I take photos.

      The elliptical bike I have was easy to assemble and here’s the link for it:

      Ooops! Looks like the pink elliptical I got isn’t available any more. This is by the same company and looks similar:

  6. Those landscapes with foregrounds, middle grounds, backgrounds and rolling clouds are a step closer to summertime.

  7. Peace and Joy. What a nice reminder to appreciate every step we take. It’s easy to forget. Oscar gave me paws, but it was encouraging to see him accepting the hand out. He’s a lovely fellow, you will remember him, I’m sure. I enjoy your pictures, always deserve a second look. Thanks Ann. Peace and Joy to you and yours.

  8. There’s great wisdom in knowing there’s a chance you’ve gotta take and a chance of a mistake you just might make.

  9. One step closer I can barely take one step at a time, just saying

  10. One step closer to achieving inner peace….(✿◡‿◡ฺ)

  11. What kind of flag is that, with the circle of stars? (I should probably know this, but I don’t.) Sorry I am arriving here a day late.

    • No need to apologize, Maureen. That is the original form of the American Flag, when there were 13 colonies.

  12. puella33

    Ann, I just ordered it, they had it in pink, I’ll let you know, when it gets here. 🙂

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