Day 2787: Staycation favorites

I’m on a staycation this week, which is one of my favorite kinds of vacations.

My staycation favorites include

  • spending time with those I love,
  • looking at beautiful scenery,
  • watching movie musicals,
  • reading,
  • writing,
  • yummy food,
  • self care,
  • letting go of worry and anxiety about the future,
  • being in the moment,
  • staying safe, and
  • taking photos of whatever catches my fancy.









It looks like Oscar is going to be staying for my staycation.

The musical number Oscar and I were watching yesterday …


… is “Heavenly Music” from the 1950 musical Summer Stock, starring Gene Kelly, Phil Silvers, other humans, and animals.

Despite all those dogs barking, Oscar was his usual chill self as he stayed on my lap.

One of my staycation favorites is watching Gene Kelly dance, like in this solo from Summer Stock, which shows a favorite use of a newspaper:

What are your staycation favorites?

No matter where I’m staying, I’m staying with gratitude as my favorite way to end a blog post.


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30 thoughts on “Day 2787: Staycation favorites

  1. Loving those pictures 😍

  2. Good sunsets

  3. I think staycations are going to be the norm for many of us for some time to come!

  4. Enjoy your stayCATion, my dear friend! ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

  5. Maureen

    That mask looks like it doesn’t steam up your glasses. I’d really love to have a mask that doesn’t seem up my glasses! But how does the air get in?

    I hope you have a good staycation.

    • I heard about those see-through, disposable masks from a fellow therapist, Maureen. You’re right, my glasses did not steam up while I was wearing it.

      Here’s the link for those masks, with Frequently Asked Questions:

      From looking at the video at that site, I apparently wasn’t wearing the mask completely correctly my first time out. Live and learn!

  6. Oscar helping you watch musicals during your staycation is something that can’t be beet.

  7. Enjoy❣️

  8. sounds like you have wonderful staycation plans and the price is right! glad you are surrounded with love and things that bring you joy and peace.

  9. Staycations are big now days with so many of us lockdown at this time not that I have any plans to do anything like that

  10. Beautiful images. What is the mask you are wearing? I have never seen one like that

  11. I hope that Oscar is feeling as well as possible. He looks infinitely kissable.

    • Oscar is infinitely kissable even though his time with us is finite. Thank you, Maureen, for your infinitely lovely comments.

  12. Enjoy you many blessings on this staycation, my friend Ann.

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