Day 2749: Don’t give up

Don’t give up on

  • yourself,
  • other people,
  • animals,
  • nature,
  • human nature,
  • art,
  • creativity,
  • ingenuity,
  • imagination,
  • intuition,
  • resiliency,
  • acceptance,
  • awareness,
  • contemplation,
  • achievable next steps,
  • self-care,
  • care for others,
  • hope,
  • kindness,
  • empathy,
  • the present,
  • the future, or
  • The Daily Bitch Calendar.


I won’t give up my iPhone, because it lets me easily take photos like these:




















Don’t give up on your ability to perceive.  What do you see in that photo (or any other one)?

Here‘s “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel, featuring Kate Bush:

Don’t give up on future hugs. In the meantime, hug yourself (it helps!).

Don’t give up on gratitude — try to experience and express it, every day.



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27 thoughts on “Day 2749: Don’t give up

  1. We’ll hang in here, Ann.

  2. as soon as I saw your title, I went to that song, one of my all time favorites, and probably kept many people going and made the difference for them. I love the idea that the whole video was a hug, exactly what we need right now. hugs to you, and to Oscar.

  3. Hugs all round. We all deserve them, especially Oscar!

  4. I’m pleased you don’t give up on photography

  5. The picture of your cat with the two tigers is so cute!

  6. Don’t give up on a dream.( ु⁎ᴗ_ᴗ⁎)ु.。oO

  7. puella33

    I see the sun breaking through the clouds, which is hopeful- in the last picture I see a bird of some kind. I like that yellow stucco building is that an apartment building ?

    • It’s an amazing yellow house near the shore. Some day, I’d like to see the interior and I haven’t given up on that!

  8. The sun rises every day and that’s a good reason to not give up. The gifts of photosynthesis reminded me that Galileo said, “The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.”

    • I’m just grateful that you can visit my blog and comment every day, as if you had nothing else in the universe to do. Thank you, my sunny friend.

  9. Don’t give up. It’s true and a good piece of advice. Several times during my childhood a vet suggested we put a dog down. In the instance I remember, my father swept the dog off the exam table in shock. He knew that the vet was suggesting putting the dog down because he didn’t think we would do what was necessary for recovery (she lived to get a gray muzzle). Other times we just brought them home like you have, so they could live out their days and be nursed by us. That lovely little tributary/ditch/grassy stream is full of wild berries and poison ivy. It would require a bit of risk management…

  10. Me give up???????????????
    I don’t do that, just don’…………………..
    Unless, you have a gun or a bigknife then maybe i would.

  11. Don’t give up on photography. Iphonoenography is a new field in which people manipulate images a new way. Have you tried the panorama function of the iPhone?

  12. Ah yes, I agree, “Don’t give up on yourself, other people…” except Trump (500 feet is not fr enough)! There’s no hope for this person… or his followers (like Devos). 😦

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