Day 2747: The truth

The truth


The truth is that I continue to go on walks with my husband and my son, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.


















The truth is that our wonderful kitty Oscar is not going to get any better as he spends his final precious days with us.


The truth is that there are heroes everywhere.


The truth is that one of my heroes is my husband Michael, who prepares wonderful meals for us.


The truth is that I also took these photos yesterday:




The truth is that reminds me of this 11-year-old video of my son Aaron and our cat Oscar:

The truth is that

  • Oscar is a very chill and accepting cat,
  •  I would like to be more like Oscar, and
  • I am very grateful for all who are reading this, including YOU.



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20 thoughts on “Day 2747: The truth

  1. The truth is I am glad to see your love and Oscar’s tender face every day I can, Ann.

  2. The truth is all you need is love and a cat. Sending you bear hugs, ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃

  3. May Oscar’s remaining time be as painless as possible

  4. puella33

    Only nature is truthful, I think.. Oscar is blessed to be spending his last days with you, Ann.

  5. Maureen

    The truth is out there and you are out there, and I am happy knowing both of those things are true.

    Also, sometimes when I want to find out a little bit about the truth I just have to type your blog address into my phone’s browser. Out there can sometimes be very close.

    My thoughts are with Oscar quite often these days.

  6. The truth is I’ve never met Oscar, or you, but I feel I’ve gotten to know you both, and I’m sorry to see Oscar go.

  7. The truth can bite you in the bum at times, just saying

  8. the truth is that you are living in a household with lots of love and you will know when it is time to do what you need to do to help Oscar, a last act, a last gift, from those who love him. and that’s the truth

  9. “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
    ― Mark Twain

    “On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow.”
    — Friedrich Nietzsche

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