Day 2743: Sunshine and hurricane

The sunshine in my life includes family, friends, my work as a group therapist, cats, music, this blog, humor, nature, good memories, the riches of the present moment, persistent hope about the future, and a helpful stance of curiosity.

The hurricane in my life includes the imminent death of our sweet, plucky, and ailing kitty Oscar; losses of good friends;  bureaucracies; corrupt world leaders; social injustice; the coronavirus pandemic; and yet another taxes-related fiasco (the IRS rejecting our e-filed return yesterday because “your spouse’s birthday doesn’t match the IRS records”).

When I was freaking out and focusing on the hurricane yesterday, my spouse (whose birthday SHOULD match the IRS records!!!!) said to me:

“What is it that you tell your patients?  Nothing is actually hurting you now. I think the taxes glitch will be easily resolved.”

My spouse brings so much sunshine into my life, even during the hurricane.

Do you see sunshine and/or hurricane in these images from July 4, 2020?























Here‘s Dolly Parton’s  “Jolene” covered by Sunshine and the Hurricane:

What are your thoughts and feelings about sunshine and hurricane?

I like to end every post, no matter what the weather,  with the sunshine of my gratitude for everything, including YOU.


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23 thoughts on “Day 2743: Sunshine and hurricane

  1. the sunshine always comes after the hurricane, sometimes it takes a while though. words of wisdom you sent out to the universe that come back to you from your husband’s mouth, the circle of life. that picture of curious george sitting out front, waiting for the say to unfold, is me. I’ve always loved monkeys for their playful, curious, and mischievous nature. how I tend to approach life. ❤ to Oscar and your family.

  2. Cheers to Michael for bringing such sunshine into your hurricane, Ann.

  3. Maureen

    Did your area have an actual hurricane yesterday, Ann? The weather kind? I didn’t hear of it. I hope all the lovely beach-side gardens are okay.

    I am sending loving thoughts to Oscar and to you.

    • Not an actual hurricane, Maureen. A metaphorical one. Thanks for the loving thoughts. We’re doing our best over here.

  4. I once heard a scientist explain that earthquakes aren’t really destructive in nature. They destroy the things that humans have built but in deserts and other barren areas they create oases. I’ve heard variations on that about other destructive forces–fires, and even hurricanes. The destruction they leave in their wake provides space for new life.
    It’s not always easy but there’s sunshine behind every hurricane.

  5. Beautiful Ann, have a nice Sunday!!!

  6. puella33

    I see sunshine in your nature pictures; actually I come here to escape my hurricane to get refreshed by your sunshine. Enjoy your Sunday, Ann

  7. Sunshine I have here, hurricanes nope don’t have those here.
    I was surprise to see George the monkey’s dad here
    George was a stuffed monkey ny grandchildren had

    • I was also surprised to see Curious George in my neighborhood and thanks for bringing the sunshine here, Jo-Anne.

  8. As long as you have sunshine and love…you’ll be alright, my dear friend.(✿ ♥‿♥)

  9. Sunshine in the garden, hurricane of life. If you don’t pay someone to do your taxes, it’s really worth it. I did it years ago. One less hurricane. How nice Michael is listening so closely!

    • I love the sunshine you bring, LIsa. I’ve tried dealing with the hurricane of taxes many different ways over my life and, for now, doing them myself seems to work out best. Thanks for listening so closely here! ❤

  10. Sunshine with many nice landscapes!

  11. Sorry you’ve had a bit of tax tumult, Ann. Always unnerving. I try to remind myself that we must have the hurricanes to appreciate the sunshine (though I must confess, when I’m in the eye of the storm, that’s cold comfort… 😉 ) And speaking of comfort, I love the song Jolene, especially as Pentatonix covers it. Take care, xo

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