Day 2742: Staggering

Our 18-year-old cat, Oscar, who has cancer, has been staggering, sometimes, when he walks. Otherwise, his appetite is good and he does not seem to be in pain. He continues to be a staggeringly sweet kitty who wants to be close to his family.

It is staggering to me ….

  • What world leaders will do to hold onto power,
  • The increase of coronavirus cases in the United States,
  • That the U.S. President discourages testing and social distancing despite the recommendations of his own staff,
  • How people can ignore facts and science because of fear, anger, and denial,
  • How pernicious white male rage can be,
  • How some people are valued over others,
  • How kind, perceptive, and thoughtful my 22-year old son is,
  • That my son Aaron thinks that people should have the option of euthanasia and animals should be allowed to die naturally,
  • How long the line and wait was yesterday for Aaron to be tested for COVID-19,
  • How quickly we got the good test results,
  • How beautiful the South Shore of Boston is,
  • How everything my husband Michael cooks is so delicious, and
  • How great it is when the whole family is in the house.

Do you see anything staggering in my photos from yesterday ?


It is staggering to me that somebody posted a negative comment at the end of this article in the Deseret News starring yours truly.

It is staggering to me that

  • Jennifer Graham, the awesome writer of that article, found me through this blog and
  • the article links to this performance of my original song “Left the House Before I Felt Ready”!

My viewer numbers on YouTube are still less than staggering even after the publication of that story. However, I will keep staggering along in my pursuit of fame and fortune.

In the meantime, I am staggeringly grateful to all who follow me here, including YOU!

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29 thoughts on “Day 2742: Staggering

  1. to me, the world is staggeringly beautiful, even with all the negatives, there are still those rays of light, in people, in places, in expressions, in actions.

  2. Maureen

    I followed both links to that story but can’t see any comments at all, let alone a negative one. Maybe you have to be signed in?

    Sorry to hear that Oscar is staggering but glad he is enjoying life.

    • I could see the comment yesterday, but not today! I’ll see if I can find it …

    • Here’s the comment:

      1 month ago
      If you are afraid to leave your home then stay there. Don’t go out and advertise your fear on a shirt.

      • Maureen

        That comment cracked me up. They totally missed it. Well, I am glad for your sense of humor, Ann.

    • Here’s the second comment on that article, which I also find staggering:

      “It’s not racist to say the virus began or originated n Wuhan China, hence: Wuhan Virus or Chinese Virus or Corona Virus. That is fact, no matter what the fake news press and left call it. This is all gone crazy with being “politically correct” ruling over basic common sense! Move on!”

  3. A staggering truth is Harley’s ‘Excellence with Compassion 2020’ program.

  4. Your path always finds its way to amazing elements of this life we all share, Ann.

  5. Happy 4th of July to you and yours. Hugs, (っ´∀`)っ(っ´∀`)っ(っ´∀`)っ(っ´∀`)っ(っ´∀`)っ

  6. Last night I started reading The Soul of an Octopus, about a staggeringly amazing creature, but I kept thinking about Oscar. Octopus intelligence has often been compared to that of cats, but I also thought how amazing Oscar’s life has been and still is.

  7. Sweet Oscar. I think the kindest thing we can do for animals is to relieve them of pain when they are suffering. I hope Oscar has more time with you before the inevitable. It’s staggering to me how much our pets mean to us and how much love they give.

  8. Yipes. At the beginning of this, I thought people would come together and help each other and do what needed to be done. I am staggered at the politicization, polarization, and blatant valuing money over life. If you sell that t-shirt, I’ll buy one. I have always liked it.

  9. puella33

    I agree with, Aaron- regarding euthanasia -sometimes people want to play God- even amongst themselves. I’m glad that he’s eating we.., I’ve grown attached to Oscar.
    Ann, maybe you can shed some light on what’s staggering to me: Why does Trump have so many followers as though he were the messiah? We’ve had many republican presidents , who ere “normal”. I didn’t always like their points of view, but they weren’t so hateful. Can you please analyse him. Why does he hold rallies for ” his people” instead of addressing the whole nation? I can’t even call it carisma, – what is it ? Thank you for that reply. Have a nice 4th, Ann.

  10. I find a staggering amount of love and compassion in all that you say. I also find it staggering that you have the same Sony reel to reel tape recorder that I bought in 1970 and only recently disposed of. Mine was a TC 366 but there were several versions made. I love the angled front!

    • Thank you for this staggeringly lovely comment, my compassionate friend. I find it staggering that you would have the exact same Sony reel to reel tape recorder as my ex-in-laws (with whom my son was quarantining after he arrived from Scotland).

  11. I stagger around like a drunken sod at times like a drunken fool…..just saying

  12. Pingback: Day 2781: Turning around | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

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