Day 2739: No longer

I am no longer President of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy, so I am no longer worrying about acting Presidential (although “acting Presidential” no longer has the same meaning it used to).

Carl Reiner is no longer on this earth.

This sentence, at the end of the Wikepedia entry about Carl Reiner, is no longer than 20 words:

Reiner died at his home on June 29, 2020, aged 98, in the company of his family.

This episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show, which Carl Reiner wrote, produced, and created, is no longer than 25 minutes:

This 2000-Year-Old Man Routine, co-created by the no-longer-with-us Carl Reiner and the-still-with-us-as-of-this-writing Mel Brooks, is no longer than four minutes:

I am no longer able to say that I never saw that before. It’s been no longer than 55 years that I’ve known Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks as comic geniuses.

Mel Brooks, who describes himself on Twitter as “Writer, Director, Actor, Producer and Failed Dairy Farmer” and who no longer can have dinner every night  with his old friend and co-writer Carl Reiner, posted this no-longer-than-280-character tribute yesterday:

Carl was a giant, unmatched in his contributions to entertainment. He created comedy gems like The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Jerk, and Where’s Poppa? I met him in 1950 when he joined Sid Caesar on Your Show of Shows, and we’ve been best friends ever since. I loved him. When we were doing The 2000 Year Old Man together there was no better straight man in the world. So whether he wrote or performed or was just your best friend — nobody could do it better.  He’ll be greatly missed. A tired cliché in times like this, but in Carl Reiner’s case it’s absolutely true. He will be greatly missed.

It took me no longer than a few seconds to find this great photo of Carl Reiner, Annie Reiner, and Mel Brooks that was taken no longer than two days away from Mel Brooks’s 94th birthday and Carl Reiner’s death day:

black lives matter

I hope it is no longer debatable in this country that black lives matter.

I am no longer worried about other people’s incorrect assumptions or my inadvertent miscommunications, like Mel Brooks’s birthday and Carl Reiner’s death day being the same day (which they aren’t — they are one day apart).

This post is no longer focusing on words as I share my images from yesterday:











I am no longer expecting comments but I will welcome any you choose to make.

It takes no longer than one word to express heart-felt gratitude.


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23 thoughts on “Day 2739: No longer

  1. I knew I could count on the comedy of Carl Reiner every day of my life, Ann. Or at least since I started watching ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ when I was a little kid.

  2. Yesterday is no longer but today is here with Oscar as president.

  3. We will always cherish those we love who are no longer with us.♡♡✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧♡♡

  4. It is a truth that we all have to learn that nothing lasts for ever.

  5. There’s something very poetic in the way the moon in one of your pictures looks like a balloon rising–a metaphor for Carl Reiner who, even as he rises, is still visible, and still with us, and always will be.

  6. Great comics. This is a life lesson. Eat your ice cream before it melts. And keep taking those great pictures, as the light changes. Thank you Ann.

  7. Living to 98 years old perhaps proves that laughter really is the best medicine. Just imagine all the laughter that Carl Reiner helped to produce. What marvellous medicine he’s given us.

  8. It is no longer debatable that these posts bring me joy. Thank you for giving us a snippet of your thoughts, Ann!

  9. Saddly many great people are no longer with us

  10. I teared up when I learned that Carl Reiner had passed on. Another one no longer. But I’m grateful that I can still enjoy his comedic genius via video. And I’m grateful for your sweet posts, Ann.

  11. I am no longer able to see Carl Reiner going about his everyday life, but I am allowed to remember him forever

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