Day 2727: We are what we _____

If we are what we watch on TV, I’m partially old episodes of Match Game, where contestants and celebrities fill in the blank.

For those of you who are drawing a _____ about Match Game, here is a 1980 episode:


How would you fill in the blank in today’s post title: “We are what we _____”?

I might fill in the blank as follows:

  • eat,
  • drink,
  • take in,
  • put out,
  • experience,
  • remember,
  • express,
  • believe,
  • choose,
  • watch,
  • hear,
  • notice,
  • read,
  • say,
  • don’t say,
  • think,
  • feel,
  • do,
  • don’t do,
  • support,
  • vote for,
  • accept,
  • fear,
  • ignore,
  • love,
  • hate,
  • choose,
  • surround ourselves with,
  • think we are,
  • live,
  • leave behind, and/or
  • share with others.






Here‘s “We Are What We Are” from La Cage Aux Folles:

If we are what we feel, I am gratitude, here and now.


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17 thoughts on “Day 2727: We are what we _____

  1. We are what we do, Ann.

  2. ….are… was my thought, even before I reached the video

  3. We are what we dream….✾꒡ .̮ ꒡✾

  4. We are what we say we are.

  5. Again, a healthy delicious looking meal.

    • If we are what we eat, then I’m healthy and delicious looking! Thanks for another delicious comment, my friend.

  6. Damn,, I am either a criminal or a law officer because crimeshows are my go to shows followed by old westerns.

  7. we are what we love.

  8. For better or worse, I’d say we go through life thinking we are what we dream

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