Day 2723: Way stations

I just found my way to an online way station that has a definition of “way station.”

way station (noun)

Definition of way station

1: a station set between principal stations on a line of travel (such as a railroad)
2: an intermediate stopping place


station, stop

Examples of way station in a Sentence

a way station for truck drivers

Recent Examples on the Web

The house became a gathering place for an indelible cultural moment, a way station for Andy Warhol, Terry Southern, Ike and Tina Turner, and Black Panthers.
— Mark Rozzo, The New Yorker, “Dennis Hopper’s Quiet Vision of Nineteen-Sixties Hollywood,” 22 Dec. 2019

In my way, I tried to make that definition of “way station” a way station (an intermediate stopping place) within today’s post.

I think it’s helpful, here and now, to think of every thing we experience — alone and together — as way stations on our way to where we are going.

Do you see any way stations in my photographs from yesterday?













As I’m moving among way stations, I often listen to The Way Up by the Pat Metheny Group. Heres the Opening and Pt. One of The Way Up from the way station YouTube:

On your way today to other way stations, I hope you spend some time listening to The Way Up and also in the way station of the comments sections, below.

No matter what the way station, I am grateful to be there and grateful for YOU.



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14 thoughts on “Day 2723: Way stations

  1. Your way here helps get my day off to a good start, Ann.

  2. I’m glad to drop by your way station today, my friend! (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ♡

  3. One of my favorite old expressions is, “If we forget where we’ve been we won’t know where we’re going.” Way stations are a great place to remind us both of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

    • I’ve been to your blog, Chris, which helps me know where I’m going, but I’ve been so busy dealing with problems in the present that I haven’t made time for your wonderful way stations. I will return soon. ❤

  4. I’ve thought of my whole life as dotted with way stations in between things and changes, though I never thought of calling them that. I truly believe journeys take lots of twists and turns, with breaks in between, and then onward to the next stop. I love the photo of that wall with the paint on it with the water in the background, for some reason.

  5. No way station here just little ole me sitting at my laptop watching telly and being in pain

  6. The Monarch Way Station! Your State is part of the Eastern Migration. Millions of monarch butterflies will be nectaring in Massachusetts this spring and June as part of their annual breeding and migration way station. But only the fourth generation Monarchs will fly Mexico!

    What’s baffling about where you are is that you’re in the area where there are Monarch fourth generation butterflies. These are the ones that fly to Mexico. They were born there.They will migrate south to the overwintering sites in central Mexico Sierra Madre and mate there BUT then fly back north to the U.S AGAIN., living as long as eight to nine months. Most of the butterflies in this final generation begin their lives in the northern US or southern Canada. They are born late in September & October.

    You may want to watch for migrating monarchs (fourth generation) in September and October. They tend to have darker orange and larger wings than they do during the breeding phase in the summer. The darkness of the orange color in monarch wings appears to be a visual indicator of their migratory ability.

    The ones you see now are first and second generations. Both first and second generation monarchs begin their lives in Mexico (or in Florida as it has been found), and start moving upwards. However, they reproduce, and live only about ten days. They don’t migrate. They also may have been born from the returning fourth generation (from Mexico) super monarch who is full of eggs.

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