Day 2715: Shadows

Today, the United States is dealing with terrible shadows, cast by many.

Three years ago, this televised Brief History of Racism included  the poet and artist known as Sir Shadow reciting  his ode to Timothy Caughman. Timothy Caughman was a 66-year-old social worker who was stabbed to death in New York City by a 28-year-old white man who had traveled there to kill black men.


I’m glad I took pictures of shadows yesterday; otherwise I wouldn’t have found and shared that video with you today.







What shadows do you see, when you look around?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I am grateful for all who showed up here today.



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17 thoughts on “Day 2715: Shadows

  1. I love your shadow pics, which perfectly illustrate how one can over shadow another, or appear to, based on perspective, a change in circumstances, or where one chooses to, or is forced to stand at any given moment of time.

  2. May we step out, Ann.

  3. Not quite shadows but a lovely illustration of equality:

  4. I see a wonderful person without a shadow of a doubt! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:✧♡♡♡

  5. Shadows in the context of your link remind me of Jung’s concept: the animal side of our personality (like the id in Freud). It is the source of destructive energies. I am sorry for the loss of a colleague.

    Shadows are also very useful for photographers like me. I observe them to know the quality of light. Your images are pleasing in conveying the time of day and composition of elements.

  6. Some shadows are beautiful. Some are not. It’s our job to ponder both and act.

  7. Something I’ve never thought about shadows before is that when one person’s shadow joins another it shows how we share space. And that’s what we have to do: learn to share space equally with each other.

  8. Shadows are everywhere we can often see them merging but take no notice when we should

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