Day 2714: What’s on the horizon?

When you look ahead, what’s on the horizon?

Do you see

  • clouds?
  • darkness?
  • light?
  • hope?
  • despair?
  • change?
  • stagnation?
  • revolution?
  • evolution?
  • hate?
  • love?
  • indifference?
  • violence?
  • peace?
  • misunderstanding?
  • understanding?
  • wounds?
  • healing?
  • ruptures?
  • connection?

What’s on the horizon in this photo?


Here‘s “Beyond the Horizon” with nice scenery on the horizon.

What’s on the horizon for comments about this post?

Gratitude is always on the horizon here.


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19 thoughts on “Day 2714: What’s on the horizon?

  1. I see darkness. I see light. I see a path lined with good people, hard work and understanding linking the two, Ann.

  2. hope is on the horizon. p.s. i love your glitter card.

  3. Lovely to see Dartmoor and be able to see the horizon!

  4. I see dreams (╯✧∇✧)╯and fears ⌒゚(>◞౪◟<)゚⌒

  5. Hope you are doing well.

  6. The horizon is endless so to me it’s the ultimate symbol of hope. There’s always something new to explore just beyond it.

  7. puella33

    I see hope beyond the horizon
    Have a nice day, Ann

  8. You might laugh but what I like to see beyond the horizon is knowing that there is a ‘curved’ space which is said to play an essential role in general relativity. Gravity is visualized as curved space. It is the current foundation for the description of the expansion of space and shape of the universe. So even though I see a line, it’s fascinating knowing it’s not.

  9. Despite the trauma of the current moment, I see hope on the horizon. You know what they say…it’s always darkest before the dawn. 😊

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